The "Look At What I found" Thread
  • I thought it would be cool to create a thread featuring flippa listings on a daily basis. We can chime in on what we think about the auctions, new companies (sellers), and learn from successful and unsuccessful auctions.

    I'll Begin: ... -potential

    Sold At BIN: 699

    Some things I've learned:

    1. The "Gaming" niche is easy traffic and can make some decent revenue just with adsense.

    2. The idiot could have done a better job with monetization. I would have used the ad4game ad network for monetization rather then Adsense or Infolinks.

    3. Extremely easy to replicate. (I've already done it)

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  • This is an excellent idea. One of my favourite tactics for finding new opportunities is watching what my competitors do well or better than me. This is also why I don't recommend publicly disclosing all your secrets too.

    If I purchase a site in a niche that is new to me I will always head over to Flippa and see what similar sites have done (well and badly). You can learn a lot from Google Analytics: what keywords are they targeting? What sites are sending them traffic? All of this information is valuable and can easily be replicated. Same with monetization: How are they monetized? Are they under monetized? Could I do a better job?

    Find out what they do well and copy it. Find out what they do badly and improve it. Before long you have a winning formula and are always up to date with market trends and the movements of your competitors.
  • Found an interesting site that sold on flippa. It was listed 3 times prior to this winning. . . That's extremely odd. On top of all that it sold for 200$ less then the first time some one one it. ... -days-only

    Goes to show that the world of warcraft niche is alive and kicking.

  • Classic case of poor seller due diligence.

    From what I can tell, here's how it went:

    Listed site once (listing 1)
    Site sold
    Buyer didn't pay
    Raised dispute
    Listed again without waiting for Flippa (listing 2 - didn't meet reserve)
    Flippa reslisted after dispute (listing 3)
    Final listing which sold as seen here (listing 4)

    Unfortunately, these things can happen on Flippa with non-paying bidders and can get quite messy. Hence the low price.

    Looks like the buyer got a bit of a bargain there, especially with 85% of traffic from search engines.
  • Nice site, horrible sales copy. Bet he could have made a bit more if he had worded the auction more professionally.

    Theme related sites have, and always will do well - especially if they rank in the SERPs.

    High price multiple on this is justified by consistent earnings and SE traffic.