Creating A Faster Sell?
  • I always here "upsell! Upsell! UPSELL!", but what if you were to upsell in a different way?

    Here is my idea. . .

    Website For Sale

    BIN 100 (brand new website)

    BIN 2 75.00 (comes with services seo/marketing 2 weeks)

    BIN 3 50.00 (comes with services but for 3 weeks)

    Originally the seller was going to price this at 50$ BIN + services for 3 weeks on a free marketplace (dp?) anyway.

    It might be kind of confusing. . . I was wondering if this would work. Basically starting out with a higher price with less bonuses and lowering with more, but still getting the original asking price you were thinking (50$).

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  • Interesting idea. Could be worth a shot.

    Sometimes I go with the very high initial BIN to try get a bite and then lower as I go. In my opinion, this gives the impression to bidders that you are not overly confident with the site and are unsure of the real value - putting them in the position of power, but it is always good to experiment.

    If you tried this on DP, you'd probably get infractions for bumping.

    One important thing to remember when incentivising is to define the value of your services.

    For example, on DP, if I listed a site for $100 BIN with extras (500 blog comments and 1 hour consultation) - I would mention that blog comments are usually $200 alone and 1 hour of my time is $250 (or any value you decide). Most often I find buyers don't even bother with the consultation, but take up the blog comments which you can just blast with scrapebox or a similar tool. Technically, an upsell shouldn't be free - so in this case I would describe it as an BIN incentive rather than upsell (unless you charge extra after sale). Upselling would be selling the site for $20 and then offering the blog comments and consultation for $XX.