• Nice to meet you all - Not much to tell you really as I'm another newbie lol, never flipped a site but eager to learn more!

    Been trying to make money online for about 6 months, found some methods that work so ramping them up now - Seems that site flipping could really work with what I'm doing so again, thanks for the invite Bryan!

    Aside from all this though, I live in Thailand (so can help anyone if they're needing a holiday!:)), work full time and do IM in my off time (although that ratio seems to be changing...), play far too many pc/xbox games and generally spend too much time infront of my computer working!
    I do alot of graphic design work too, and some development, so if anyone needs a hand on that side let me know! :)

    Finally, just to say I'm really looking forward to getting involved, glad to be here and feel free to contact me if I can be of help!
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  • Welcome! Nice to get to know you, and it´s good to see another "new-to-flipping" member (I´m a newbie, too!) :D
  • Hi,

    Welcome to the forums. Site flipping is a great additional skill to have with IM and is often neglected as a revenue stream.

    Hopefully we can get you off to a good (and profitable) start.

  • Hello and welcome, hope you find flippingnetwork a great resource for networking and friends.

  • Hey,

    and welcome I am sure you are going to enjoy it here.

    People are all friendly which is a huge plus I don't think you can be too "green" to be on this forum :)
  • Hey,

    Welcome to the FlippingNetwork. ;)

    The forum is still young, but many good info & tips have been shared already.
    Once the course is finished, you should have wide array of new strategies
    for site flipping. :)
  • Thanks everyone!
    Yes it's looking great here, certainly a lot more friendly than some other places I've encountered!
    Hope I can keep up hehe!
  • Welcome to the forums and I hope you enjoy your stay.