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You’re the best experts and first class service minded professionals I’ve met on the internet so far and I’ve been online since the late 90s. Keep up your great performance!!! -Josef David

Why Buy And Sell Websites?

The world is changing, but let’s face it: these are truly exciting times. The world we live in today is not only vastly different from the world of just 10 short years ago, it’s changing so rapidly that in the next 10 years we’ll likely produce things it previously took us 100 years (or more) to do and find ourselves doing things we haven’t even conceived yet.

Think about it for a second. Can you imagine what or how you will live your life in 2023? What about the internet? How will it look 10 years from now? Since looking at one’s past is the best indication of its future, let’s take a short trip down memory lane.

The Internet In 2000: Yahoo picked newcomer Google to be their default search provider.That’s right, just 10 short years ago, Yahoo was using Google’s search results in their own engine.

The Internet In 2013: Interestingly enough, Yahoo tried to arrange a deal to use Google’s search results again in 2009, only to cancel the deal after regulatory push back. Currently Yahoo and MSN are a very distant 2nd and 3rd in the highly lucrative search business.

US & Asia Websites for Sale

The Internet In 2000: The United States and Asia each had approximately 110 million internet users.

The Internet In 2013: There are now 253 million people in the U.S. and 758 million people in Asia using the internet (an increase of 114% and 545% respectively). Both Africa and the Middle East have seen increases north of 1000%.

The Internet In 2000: There were approximately 360 Million internet users worldwide.

The Internet In 2013: There are more than 1.7 Billion internet users worldwide. This 472% increase means there are almost 700,000 new people coming on to the internet for the first time each and every day. How’s that for a growing market?

The Internet In 2000: AOL was the internet (You’ve Got Mail, anyone?) and was once valued at approximately $200 billion.

The Internet In 2013: Google is now the internet with a valuation of $269 billion as of March, 2013. AOL was spun off from parent company Time Warner and is currently worth about $2.5 billion.

The Internet In 2000: We made it through Y2K, and the world didn’t end.

The Internet In 2013: We made it through the past 12 years, and it seemed like the world almost did end (several times).

The Internet In 2000: Half of the homes in America did not even own a computer, and only 2 in 5 American homes had internet access.

The Internet In 2013: 4 out of 5 American homes now own a computer and approximately 92% of homes have internet access (with just over 50% being high speed).

The Internet In 2000: Online spending during the week after Thanksgiving totaled less than $1 billion.

The Internet In 2013: Online spending during the week after Thanksgiving 2012 totaled $3.17 billion: a 372% increase. Excluding travel, digital downloads, and event tickets, online retail spending is expected to be approximately $200 Billion in 2012. Online retail sales are growing at 15% year over year whereas offline retail sales are less than 7% growth.

The Internet In 2000: Social Media was instant messaging.

The Internet In 2013: Social Media is big business. Ranked by Alexa as the most visited sites, 2nd (Facebook), 3rd (YouTube), 8th (Twitter), 12th (LinkedIn) and 40th (Pinterest).


The average internet user spends 3 x more time on social media than on email.

These are truly exciting times. While a lot has changed over the past decade, as business owners online (or soon-to-be business owners online), it’s important to note the meteoric rise in two sets of data: 1) worldwide users online and 2) online spending.

With stats like 700,000 new internet users coming online for the first time every day, online business is a freight train you can’t afford to miss.

Think about it for a second. Everything you and I do online generates revenue for someone or some company. If you search, Google makes money. If you sign in to Facebook, Mark is making money. If you buy any sort of product or service online (or simply browse around most popular websites), someone is making money. That reality is what I want to focus on today (and we are not just going to talk about it, I am going to show you how to get involved).

So Where Does Buying & Selling Websites Fit In?

The data points above, while impressive, can be a little misleading when taken out of context. Just because more people are using the internet to buy goods and services, this alone doesn’t mean anything tangible until you can find a way to offer the products and services they are actually buying.

While there is a whole range of different things people buy online, it’s never smart to get caught up in the euphoria that the internet is a game changer or a market where fundamentals don’t matter. They do matter, and when you think they don’t you get something like the tech bubble to prove you wrong.

This is perhaps the first mistake most entrepreneurs make when starting a business online. They take their idea or their product and try to find people to buy it. While that is the core principal of marketing and I’m all for people coming up with the great new technologies of tomorrow, the chance of actually being the person to come up with the next Google or Facebook is slim to none.

Instead there is a different, far more predictable path you can chose to take; one I will show you on this very page. It’s the first lesson in how to buy websites, so pay close attention because what I am about to share with you is both incredibly valuable and often overlooked.

Becoming the next Google or Facebook is not my focus, and I don’t think it should be yours either. If you are truly looking for the “secret” that successful online entrepreneurs know it is this:

Buying and Selling Websites Business

That’s it. It’s not a magic formula or hidden system. It’s actually a very simple concept, and that’s what I like about it. The buying and selling website business model works so well because it is based on one of the oldest, most proven business models in history. Watch this short video to see what I mean.

Tale Of Four Entrepreneurs

BASW is the by-product of four very different online entrepreneurs, and I’d like to briefly share our story and background before I get into the details of this business.

For starters, let me formally introduce myself. My name is David Gass, co-owner of BASW (BuyingandSellingWebsites.com). I started my first multi-million dollar business in 2000 and grew the company to reach the Inc 5000 fastest growing companies in the United States three years in a row. The business was sold after eight straight years of revenue growth to a very large privately owned company.

The growth of the business was due to two types of marketing efforts, affiliate relationships and online marketing strategies. Our online marketing strategies helped generate thousands of leads every month for our call center and millions of dollars in revenue. I’ve worked with thousands of entrepreneurs across the country to help them build their businesses using similar strategies.

After selling the company in October 2008 I changed focus to find a business that would allow me to live the lifestyle I wanted, give me time to enjoy my family and one that would create residual passive income. After much research I found the right fit: Buying and Selling Websites. One of the lessons I teach in our seminars and private coaching programs with entrepreneurs is when you first start a business make sure you build a great team. So when starting the buying and selling website company my first call was to Chris Yates.

Chris was the online marketing genius behind the company I started in 2000. He built every site we had, developed the online strategy to position our company number one in almost every keyword term we needed and was sought after by many of our clients. Based on the demand for Chris’ time and talent we decided to start a marketing firm. The firm worked with small business owners from around the country helping them build their websites and position them high in the search engines.

Eventually Chris decided he needed to move back to where he grew up. He was moving from our offices in Las Vegas to his home town of Missoula, MT. At that time he bought me out of the business and went it alone. He grew the company while on his own and became a leading internet marketing guru. He spoke at events around the country training others about the online marketing strategies he used in his business to build websites for small business owners and position their sites at the top of search engines.

Together we formed a new company in 2009 to start buying and selling websites as a new business called Vision Group Management, LLC. We had been building and selling sites since 2000 but not on a consistent basis each month looking for new sites to buy. In our research of how to buy websites, what was working for others and where to go to buy the right sites, we became members of BuyingandSellingWebsites.com. Even as experts in our field, we understand the importance of continuous learning, networking with others in our space and the need for more knowledge, we will never know it all. After paying for the membership we acquired 13 websites in the next 60 days. We were hooked. With an average annual return on our money of over 125% we knew this was the right business for us.

After a few months we contacted the owner of BASW (BuyingandSellingWebsites.com), Kyle Wakefield to network and find out more about what others were doing in the business. While talking to Kyle we realized there may be an opportunity for Chris and I to acquire the BASW site as well. Kyle was starting a new project and was looking to move away from the BASW site. After just a couple short conversations we made a deal and Chris and I took over ownership of BASW and started teaching others how to buy websites using our experience and actual deals we’ve done as examples.

Chris and I are committed to bringing our expertise of building websites, online marketing, how to find money to start a company, how to structure a start-up business and negotiate deals to the membership site here at Buying and Selling Websites Dot Com.

Kyle Wakefield has been a full-time internet marketer since 2005. Like many of you, he was intrigued with the idea of doing business online even though early on he had no idea what or how that was going to happen.

He stumbled into affiliate marketing while in college, but put off his first “idea” until a year or so after graduation. After some initial success, he decided to really dive into the affiliate marketing model and learn everything he could. (Lesson: Successful entrepreneurs understand the power of knowledge.)

By the end of 2005, he had built a rather large affiliate business that primarily focused on pay per click marketing through Google Adwords and Yahoo Search Marketing. Currently, he is one of Clickbank’s top affiliates with sales volumes putting him in the top 0.01% of their accounts.

When it comes to the business of buying and selling websites, Kyle shared the same focus Chris and I have – buy and hold. Although his business partner and the founder of BASW (Max) was focused on buy to sell.

Since 2004, Kyle has focused on deals that increasingly get larger with each purchase. Each sale funds the purchase of the next business, and he has built up a considerable portfolio of a very popular, very established group of websites. While he is no longer involved in the day-to-day operations for Buying & Selling Websites, his lessons continue to be some of the member favorites.

To be quite honest, that is one of the greatest things about the membership program. Aside from the real-life experience you receive from four successful online entrepreneurs, there are different schools of thought when it comes to buying and selling websites. Due to our varied backgrounds and preferences, you have the opportunity to decide for yourself whether you want to buy to hold (the Dragon approach), build to sell (the Ant approach) or buy to sell (the Dolphin approach). All these strategies can work, although we are focused more on the buyers than the sellers with our membership course.

Some Of Our Buying and Selling Websites Transactions

Transactions from Buying and Selling Websites

Now that you know a little more about our background, let’s get down to the nuts and bolts of how this business works. The buying and selling websites business model is focused on three primary objectives: buying, selling, and building. Let’s start with buying websites.

How to Buy Websites

warren buffet buying websites

Warren Buffet is an investor I respect a great deal. Aside from his obvious talent at money management, he is probably one of the most simple-minded investors on Wall Street (and that is meant to be a compliment). Buffett’s whole investing strategy is centered around buying businesses he understands and that have a track record of success.

He doesn’t start new businesses, he buys them undervalued.

You see Buffett is in the business of buying businesses. He looks for compelling valuations (a good price), an established history (good track record), and some form of disconnect in the market (he has to identify something other investors don’t see or chose not to see).

But to have Buffett’s track record you can’t simply do business by what sounds like the definition of a “smart move.”

Anyone could sit here and tell you to “Buy Low, Sell High.” But when you look at how Buffett treats his purchases, you can start to have a glimpse into the secret of his success.

In a recent interview with CNN, Buffett was asked what the difference was between an investor like him and Private Equity.

He replied, “Well, Private Equity buys businesses to sell them. Now they may not sell them for five years. When they go in, they have what they call an exit strategy. I don’t have an exit strategy. I have an entrance strategy, but I have no exit strategy. I want to be here a hundred years from now. I won’t be, but the businesses will be as part of Berkshire. So we are buying to keep. We’re not running a business. We’re buying to own and that changes everything.”

Literally – that gave me chills. Did you catch the secret?

“I have an entrance strategy, but I have no exit strategy…we’re buying to own and that changes everything.”

Whenever you look to purchase an existing website, this is exactly the sort of mindset you should have. Lesson #2 in how to buy websites.

Most people who teach “how to buy a website” are ecstatic over “flipping” a website for $100, $200, or maybe even $300. (sarcasm) $300 whole dollars (/sarcasm). They talk about it like there are thousands and thousands of websites just waiting to be flipped, and that simply is not the case. More importantly, that is not even remotely close to what we teach or the type of student we want to attract.

Buying & Selling Websites takes a longer term approach to buying websites, and while selling the website is definitely an option we teach, if you take Mr. Buffett’s sage advice, you’ll look at your potential purchase as something you own rather than rent. That is an important distinction and the very foundation for our training on buying websites.

Selling Websites

How to sell websitesThe second part to our training teaches how to sell
an existing website. If you are in the fortunate position of having a website or business to sell, chances are you have scoured the web for relevant information only to be unsatisfied.

There is a reason for that.

Most people who try to teach you about selling websites are “teaching” you with examples that aren’t worth the ink they use to write about the site. Translated: the steps needed to sell a website for $50,000 – $5,000,000+ are not even comparable to a site you would “flip” for $300 on eBay. It is a learned process that must be experienced first hand (or taught by those who have actually done it).

One common misconception about selling websites is that it is hard to do. Selling a website for a high price is actually quite easy when you know how to do it. There is a whole network of brokers representing affluent buyers who daily pay five, six, and even seven figures for websites and business. It’s a matter of knowing what steps to take and when.

Steps we teach you.

If you are looking for relevant, actionable information that teaches you how to sell a website the right way (without falling for common seller mistakes), this section alone will be worth its weight in gold.

Don’t have a 5 or 6-figure business? That’s O.K. too. There are many ways to sell websites in the $1,000 – $10,000 range, and we’ll not only teach you how to value your website, we’ll show you where you should sell it, how to screen buyers (is the prospective buyer really interested or just competition), how to use a prospectus (think of this as a formal presentation of all the important facts pertaining to your site – we actually give you a prospectus template and teach you how to fill it out), and so much more.

You’ll quickly discover that selling a website is not hard at all when you have the right tools.

Building Websites

So what if you don’t have the money to buy an existing website? And what if you don’t have a website to sell? BASW is probably not for you, right?


In this section you will learn about the three different types of websites you can build: Product Sites, Affiliate Sites, and Membership/Content Sites.

Now you and I both know there is a lot of good information online when it comes to building websites. There are several sites I have learned a great deal from, sites I continue to use to this day when trying to brush up on HTML, CSS, or Photoshop. I’m not trying to compete with them, and that is not the purpose of the Building Section.

So what can I teach you then?

Instead, I like to focus on the “glue” items that most of the instructional sites never teach. Since 2000, Chris and I have been doing this full-time and have learned a lot from the school of hard knocks when it comes to building websites. We have literally built hundreds of websites producing hundreds of thousands of leads and millions of dollars in revenue each year.

Moving into 2012 however, I am increasingly using a free piece of software that is literally changing the way people build websites. I’ll show you what it is, and how I use it to build virtually all of my new websites (as a matter of fact, I can not remember the last site I built that did not use this free software). Chris is our programming guru and can build sites in just about any language. I, on the other hand wouldn’t even know where to start when it comes to html coding. Which is why this free software is so valuable and what is becoming very common for buyers in the industry to acquire.

But that’s just the beginning.

Through case studies and live examples, you will see first-hand what it takes to build websites that actually make money.

How Much Will The Buying & Selling Websites Training Class Cost?

If you go to college and get an MBA, it will set you back anywhere between $30,000 and $150,000 depending on where you go. What do you get out of that little diploma? In most cases, you get an entry level job making about $45,000, and that’s if you are lucky enough to find a job in the first place!

Well, since there are no Buying & Selling Website college degrees available, this training section of the membership program is about as close as you can get. Considering the very real possibility of earning six figures your very first year in this business, a class tuition fee of $5,000 is more than reasonable, given the amount of time we will be investing in your success.

As a matter of fact, a single 3-hour class at a private college in Texas currently costs $3,912 – for one class. Now I’m a proud college graduate, and I wouldn’t change that for the world, but the fact of the matter is that you cannot even compare the two educations.

For $3,912.00 you are getting one class, covering one topic, that most likely will have nothing to do with your ultimate career.

On the other hand, for a fraction of a fraction of that we will provide you with a highly specialized training that is extremely relevant to what you are looking to learn: how to buy, sell, and build websites (the right and proven way), not to mention all the other benefits of buying and selling websites Premium membership.

The BASW program used to be offered as a training class where only 10-20 members could join at a time, and certain members paid up to $5,000 to go through our specialized training.

When you see the results some of our students have had, you will begin to understand just how under priced the membership is.

This material is not about an “opportunity” nor is it about secret system only we know about.

It’s about personal experience, proven results, the most clear blueprint to online success that we have ever seen and the tools to help you build your online buying and selling website business.

So what is the cost?

Understandably, $5000.00 is a more than fair price for unique and specialized training like this. And while I won’t turn you down if you decide to join at that price, I’d like to make you an offer that I don’t think you can refuse (cue Godfather music).

I’m willing to give you lifetime unlimited access to our entire training program, all the tools, resources, sample agreements, documents and software we use everyday (at a price beyond reasonable) if you promise me one thing: to be willing to be educated about how to do this business the right way.

I’m not saying you have to agree with us or love everything we say, but one thing we must be on the same page about is knowing that what you will be learning is not theory, ideas, or opportunities. It is fact. It is the cornerstone of the very business we are running at the moment you read these words, and it is something we have poured our hearts and passion into creating for you.

We don’t take your investment lightly, so please don’t take your investment in you lightly. This is not a product that was thrown together in a week, a month, or even a year. Combined, this is the culmination of four business owners who have a combined 30+ successful years of marketing online. I hope you understand the quality, and I hope you are expecting this type of quality. That is what BASW has to offer.

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