Buying Websites 2014

Buying Websites 2014 is going to be fun. However, when you’re buying websites this year make sure you keep in mind the current valuation method website owners are using. In addition, you’ll want to keep in mind the key indicators website buyers are using to get undervalued deals. Here are…

Business Builders

Business Builders Academy with Carl Taylor Pre-Recorded Live Webinar Available for a Limited Time Part I of Business Builders Part II of the Webinar For access to Carl Taylor’s course presented at the end of the webinar click here.

Mastering in 2013

If you are buying websites, selling websites or want to invest in websites as a part time or full time business, you have no doubt heard about  They are the leading marketplace for buying and selling websites.  The inventory of sites is second to none on the web. As expert and experienced website buyers… Continue reading Mastering in 2013

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Websites for Sale – Flippa Infographic recently posted a new infographic about what’s powering the internet and websites for sale statistics.  The study looked at the various types of websites for sale (Ecommerce, Content Management Systems, Forums and Various other programming languages) to compare which platforms had the highest average price for websites sold. Websites for Sale For example, for… Continue reading Websites for Sale – Flippa Infographic

Survey – Are you buying or selling websites

Fill out the survey below and enter a chance to win a free membership to or a 30 Minute free one-on-one coaching call with Chris Yates (co-founder of The responses are for research purposes only.  If you’d like to be contacted about your response, you can indicate so in one of the last… Continue reading Survey – Are you buying or selling websites

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