Buying and Selling Websites Market Update Oct. 22 – 28, 2010

This weeks market update includes a site started by founder  Mark Zuckerberg.


#Bids Sale Price Established Visitor/Month Profit/Month

Multiple on Net Rev 1 $65,000 Jan 2007 6,990 $3,903 16.7 10 $30,201 No Details n/a 28 $15,000 Jun 2002 20,388 $1,090 13.8 6 $8,800 Mar 2010 83,980 $328 26.8 6 $7,500 Apr  2008 122,000 $282 26.6 1 $7,500 Aug 2009 1,975 $0 n/a 12 $7,000 Sep 2010 250 $325 21.5 2 $7,000 Aug 2010 9,500 $0 n/a 2 $7,000 No Details n/a 21 $6,000 Dec 2003 1,458 $750 8 9 $5,800 Oct 2010 1,301 $1,731 3.4
  • Facemash was created Oct 2003 but no definite info was given regarding its registration. It’s the first website prior to facebook by Mark Zuckerberg.
  • Traffic is said to be 600/month on a regular basis but it’s not indicated in the field where it should appear. Same with profit.

Give us your thoughts on what you see.

David & Chris


  1. Good to see the Multiple on Net Revenue differences for the various sites.

    I’d be interested in a review of, for example, – the technology used, and the marketing that grew their traffic.

    Thanks Dave and Chris!

  2. Yes, it’s interesting to see the traffic some of these sites have. Based on some basic research it looks like they have done a great job with natural search traffic. There are other strategies that can drive the traffic too, we talk about those in our membership area. From what I can see they did a great job of putting together some good affiliate promotions.

    1. It’s the age old question of buy veruss build. Do a complete business plan for a start-up. Conservatively project your costs to achieve the same level of profit that the existing company is generating. Compare the star-up’s capital requirements against the existing company’s purchase price. Are they even close? I’ve done this evaluation many times. Each time the answer was obvious, even with a low level of precision. -1Was this answer helpful?

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