• Hi!

    I'm aaa123, benn flipping sites for living the last 6 months and mostly buying out small adsense sites, monetizing them better and then flipping in a few week to a few months.

    Looking forward to seeing this board grow!!
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  • Hi there and welcome!

    As you can see, we're still a very young community, but a very ambitious one!

    There will be several professionals joining within the coming days and toward the end of next week we'll run a promotion which will bring a few 'newbies' on board as well :)

    All the best!
  • Hi,

    Welcome to the boards. Hopefully we can inspire you to scale your business to new levels. We are looking to help out newbies all the way to experienced flippers - so no-one will be left out.

    Care to share any tips in the main forums for flipping?

  • Hello aaa23,

    That sounds like a great plan for flipping sites. I was already thinking along those same lines and glad to see someone is already doing it with success.
  • Welcome I look forward to learning a lot from you.