• Firstly, I've never used PLR, maybe I've been missing the boat. Are all these sites PLR and how does he keep selling the same thing over and over?

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  • Are you referring to anyone/thing in particular?
  • Sorry, I was in shmuck mode. Here it is:
  • Design is. Product will be too. The only thing I think they do is rewrite the sales copy to claim content as "unique"
  • So how does he sell the same thing over and over...like domain name?
  • Bryan is the PLR king... I'll let him answer this one :)
  • He'll be back in the morning :)
  • The business model Thomas quickly described is actually pretty simple.

    What these guys are doing is they buy a PLR product (or put one together themselves) that comes with unlimited rights. This means that anybody is free to not only sell the product (ebook, video series, whatever) but they're also free to modify it in any way they please.

    Then, they a new (or slightly rewritten) sales page done, in some cases a new design and even a new name for the product, and proceed to flip the site. Since the product is PLR and there's no limits as for what they can do with it, they do what I've described before over and over again.

    That said - while this was a highly profitable model about a year back, buyers have nicely adapted to what's going on and it's extremely hard to believe that the people who do this are profitable (in the long run). While it doesn't take much time to set up these sites, there are still certain expenses and unless you do everything 100% right and capitalise on upsells you're most likely to end up with either a loss or a very small profit.

    But - have these PLR products generate some revenue before flipping them and it's a whole different story :)

    Hope this clarified it a bit


    P.S. I think I wrote about PLR eproducts in KFS. Worth taking a second look as, if I remember correctly, I included quite a comprehensive overview on how the model works.
  • Thanks Bryan,
    I think a good topic for the next webinar is present and future trends of website selling/buying. This would be helpful for those of us who buy sites to flip AND those of us who make sites to sell. I've been perusing Flippa for a new site model myself.