Negotiating a lower price for buying sites
  • A couple questions:

    1) When negotiating a website's price for an auction, are sellers really willing to go below their BIN price? I know they are, but it seems to me that the BIN price would be the price that the seller absolutely would need for his or her website in order to gain some sort of profit. So why would they want to go below the BIN price when bargaining?

    2) Another buyer on this forum recently had a thread about buying a website for a little less than half of the BIN price. When I read that thread I thought "Wow, they did a great job bargaining for the price, I wish I could do that". Apart from employing the buying tactics outlined in KFS, does getting really good bargains like that mean having a lot of luck rather than having an actual formula?

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  • You never know what someone will say until you ask.
  • [quote="BillyPilgrim"]
    You never know what someone will say until you ask.

    That's right also, many people will set their BIN pretty high and I guess they are thinking maybe I will get lucky and sell it at the BIN price to some sucker:P
  • The three sites I've sold at auction have gone for below BIN. I set BIN higher than I think the site is worth.
  • Get personal and in their face. You need to be aggressive when you're bargaining while still being "fair". I personally haven't paid BIN on any of the sites I purchase.

    If you can get them on the phone or IM, it'll make it even easier (I prefer phone because I'm female).

  • I never pay BIN either.

    Get them on Skype and be really aggressive with your offers. Use our tips on negotiating - but the main point is to emphasise the fact your offer will only stand for x hours.

    A lot of people are scared to get started on DP, or "can't find suitable sites". Ignore what the BIN price is, if it's good, offer what you think is fair and more often than not you'll be surprised what you can get for amazing prices.

  • What's the average percent off the BIN price that you guys usually get after a successful negotiation?
  • No idea on average. Maybe 50%?
  • Using the methods described in KFS I bought a site off DP for $80, the BIN was $150.
    First I asked what price he was looking for, he said $150. I offered $75 and he instantly lowered to $100. I then used the 'describe negative points' (from KFS) technique to make a deal for $80, he'd even give me another unique article on purchase.
  • If I'm buying off dp, then about 50%. If I go to another forum, I've been able to get it down 75 - 85%.

  • Trinity: What other forums do you go to?
  • I listed a few of them in this thread.

    Hope it helps.