• On page 44, you stated that you would use your own affiliate links for the product, and the person who bought the site will help market the product to earn you affiliate commissions. <--- Is that the idea here?

    If so, if the person bought the site, wouldn't they want to reconfigure their site to make their own income and not market the site for seller's interest. For example, if i bought a site, I would change the sales form(the form will where you fill out your details to get the credit(sale)) so that I get the affiliate commission on whatever I promote.
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  • Nope, you didn't get the point :)

    What I was referring to was something a whole lot different. I was talking about creating sites that promote YOUR product. Such as product review sites, "bonus" sites etc.

    The buyer of their site would obviously have their own affiliate link. And they would make money per each sale the site brings. But so will you.

    Ask if still unclear and I'll explain further :)