• Hey guys and girls,

    As you can imagine, myself and Bryan recieve countless emails daily asking us to broker sites on their behalf. We are very selective over clients we take on due to time limitations and our own businesses which are always busy.

    Rather than waste these opportunites, we spend a lot of time replying to all our emails/PMs to get some decent leads for you guys. We won't give you crap to sell, but from time to time we get a nice XXXX site and once we're confident the seller is legit we decided it would be good to offer to you all.

    Now, we put our reputations on the line with every one of you we refer to sellers, therefore we want to have an idea what's going on. Brokering is a fantastic way to get started as you can get experience selling a site you may not be able to afford yourself and make a nice cut.

    I've got a guy interested in selling a site at the moment. He would be happy with anything over $2k and I've negotiated a 20% commission ($400+). If you would like to broker this site we do have one condition: you are a coaching student.

    No, we don't do this to make extra money for ourselves. Quite frankly, our reputations are worth more than a few hundred dollars :) This is so we can help you through the whole process and get you a nice commission!

    First come, first served. For now - ONE brokerage opportunity available. Please contact me via PM if you are interested, if you are first, I will ask you to go ahead and follow through with payment for coaching (link below). Your commission should pay for a whole month of coaching so it's a win/win!


    If this goes well we will continue to bring in quality leads for you all.

    Have a good weekend and hope to hear from you soon.

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  • Please put me on the waiting list guys.Don't have enough bucks now.I'll join in a week or two after i've made one more flip :)
  • Sounds interesting bu I'm not in coaching right now.
  • We'll have a ton more leads coming up, but in the meantime we are reserving this for coaching students so we can ensure all goes smoothly.

    This is still available - had a few interested but no-one followed through as of yet.

  • Hi,
    I have a network of sites I want to sell.
    Very big project we worked on since September 2009.
    Please let me know how to go about it.

    Thank you
  • Hum...But if we cant sell it, we will lose the money for the coaching... Its not really good business.
  • [quote="aeLED"]
    Hum...But if we cant sell it, we will lose the money for the coaching... Its not really good business.

    There's always a risk in business, we can't help that - there are simply too many variables we can't control. All we can do is help mitigate that risk and increase your chances of being successful.

    These are leads that come directly to us, and we could easily do them ourselves and make more than we make from the coaching - so we don't do this to profit. We both feel brokerage is a good way to get your feet wet into flipping, and like I mentioned, this was just to measure what sort of interest we have in these sorts of opportunities.

  • At some point it has to come down to trust. In my dealings with them, Thomas and Bryon have only been stand up guys. Go for it!
  • Is this opportunity still open?
  • I like the idea of this. Coaching with guaranteed Brokerage opportunities is an absolute no brainer. Count me in and let me know when you have more spots available ideally with a brokerage opprtunity to cover the cost!
  • This got snapped up quite quickly.

    I do have an inbox full of leads which I will go through this weekend. I'll have a chat to the promising ones and see if I can offer something similar.

    Seems to be enough demand so appears to be worthwhile.