• As described in KFS, Bryan and Thomas talk about buying a cheap site for $48 that already has a monthly revenue of $4, then pumping the revenue up to $54 dollars by adding in $50 worth of selling text links then selling the site for $700 dollars.

    My question is that wouldn't the seller be disappointed at the fact that the site wouldn't necessarily have that $54 revenue per month if they couldn't find people that want to have their text links on the site?

    It just seems to me that the text link revenue is not so much static and I would think that that fact would create a negative towards the site that people don't want to deal with. Is this true?[hr]
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  • I'm thinking, in your scenario, anyone who didn't know what they were getting into is bound to have some trouble. Advertise your auction honestly and caveat emptor. This is business.