What do you guys think of Micro Niche Blogs?
  • I just got finished with reading KFS literally 20 minutes ago and now am looking for sites on DP that I could buy.

    I'm looking for a Quick Flip, so I decided that the criteria for my website will be:

    - A blog (It seems that those are the easiest to deal with and understand, as well as the cheapest, if this is wrong I would like your opinion)

    - Cheap

    - Possibly something with a page rank of 2 or 3 but I'm not sure of that importance if I could buy a super cheap website and turn around and sell it on Flippa for more than I bought it.

    My question is: I've been running into a lot of Micro Niche blogs, and I was wondering what you guys thought of them, and if you've worked with them in the past maybe some tips and tricks to get a profitable quick flip.

    Also, is it even feasible to sell a blog that is fairly new with no revenue? Is it better to sell new blogs with no revenue than sell blogs with revenue? KFS said that when you add revenue to the equation it can complicate things very much.

    I'm looking at one that has no revenue, and is essentially a big Amazon store for a micro niche.
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  • I've made them, bought them, sold them. Remember you're going to be into them for their cost+listing fee+feature fee. So if you buy one for $25, you're into that site for $73 if you only feature once. Then there is the success fee (I never pay it). Like all real estate you make your money when you buy.