[HELP!!] Original eBook site with Revenue
  • OK, so I have an original eBook, made a sales page. Now I am trying to build revenue by selling the eBook...

    However, how come I have not sold a copy yet? I have it listed on DP for a day already for only $10...is the sales page bad? (the reviews are my friends, haven't actually sold a copy)


    Please help! If you help me get the sale on Flippa, there will be a nice cash bonus in it for you!

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  • Hmmm from what I have noticed lately DP has become shit for pretty much everything. Just TOO much competition. Now every noob is trying to sell stuff there. If its actually a good ebook try maybe WSO?
  • Hey Alonski,
    Yea it's actually a pretty good eBook IMO, I think I will do a WSO :)