How Not To Sell A Website
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    In his first paragraph he states how flippa sellers are selling websites with unexplained revenue. Then later adds a comment to his listing stating that he has listed his website on flippa . . .

    So what can we take away from this? Never contradict yourself. It makes you look bad.

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  • Haha, not the most intelligent person. EDIT: isn't he selling this on DP too? It surprises me how many people break Flippa TOS by listing on other marketplaces.

    Here are few more "lol" moments from our research over the last few weeks.

    "Site Flipping" Guru From Warrior Forum on reviewing a service:

    "The great thing is that the keyword is a money keyword ( product name ). With just the service, I was able to list my sale for sale for $1799. Although I did not sell the site again ( mainly because it was ranking well in google ) but I can say the service is worth it."

    That was funny. Hey, I listed one of my sites for $1799 too - we must both be gurus now :D
  • I"ve been seeing TOS breakers all over the place. One that caught my eye however was the guy who sold a Vbulletin Skin marketplace/shop for 6k on flippa. He was all over the place with dp. . .

    Oh well, I wish Flippa would take some control on this. It would lessen competition.