Get Indexed and Ranking on Google in 2 minutes!
  • Hey guys,

    Check out the video over there: ... rfer-john/

    Pretty cool if you ask me.


    P.S. Nope, it's no presell rubbish or anything similar. Just a video experiment.
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  • Didn't work for me.
  • Yeah, I tested it myself a few times and it seems to be working only for sites that are already indexed and crawled, i.e. have a bit of trust.

    Pretty cool (and useful) nevertheless.
  • I made a new post on my blog a couple of minutes ago before reading this post. So for the sake of trying this video out I googled my term and there it was! My blog's quite old and PR2 though.
  • Another thing you can get indexed fast is by social bookmarking;

    - Create a page/content (300-500 words, or more)
    - Add anchor text (your keyword) pointing back to your main page on the new page.
    - Bookmark that page at Digg, Delicious etc.
    - Ping the bookmarked page (,,
    - Done

    Usually within minutes it will get indexed.
  • Honestly the quickest way is yahoo answers, just make sure you answer your own question fast to keep it up.