What if exact keyword domain is not available?
  • I have been researching micro niches for sometime.When i find a keyword that has low competition,good traffic i don't find the exact keyword domain.(It's already registered by someone).What do i do in such situation?Any alternatives?[hr]
    Would .org domains do if .com and .net are not available?
    Someone who makes MFA!?
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  • Try the keyword with dashes inbetween. "your-keyword-here.com" for instance.
  • Instead, use phrase match domain if you can't get the top TLDs (.COMs .NETs .ORGs) and even
    you can use plural or singular will do too.

    It doesn't mean non EMD can't beat the EMD, it's the matter on how you optimize it (SEO on/off page).

    But I'm still agree EMD is the best since it is pretty easy to get ranked with less of SEO effort (not too
    very competitive - medium competitive, some cases it can get ranked easily in competitive niche too).
  • Just use modifiers..I have sites on page one with things like-keywordonline.com/org/net and keywordguide.net/org/com.