How far should I improve this site until flip?
  • I bought a website for $80 with unique content that receives about 4,000 uniques per month. The site ranks high in Google for good keywords and its mostly Search Engine traffic it's receiving. The Alexa rank is around 611,000.
    It has a unique premium wordpress design. The last Facebook post was from 2009 and the last blogpost from April 2010. It has a Pagerank of 0 and hasn't been monetized since the new theme was implemented.
    How should I flip it? Should I implement AdSense, build more backlinks until I get a PR, sell links and then sell it?

    Any suggestions, appraisals or comments are welcome of course.
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  • Niche? Past Earnings? Is traffic dropping or raising?

    So far you have traffic, no earnings, and zero pagerank. I'd work on it.

  • And in regards to Adsense, what are your keywords, title?
  • It's a weblog that posts webmaster tutorials and resources. It ranks pretty high for targeted keywords (related to photoshop, dreamweaver, effect tutorials etc.)
  • If it's got steady traffic the best thing would be to monetize the site( preferably adsense ) and while you are on it do some SEO too.Because sites with revenue get a great deal on flippa and you can easily do it with the traffic you have(Considering that it's steady).If not do some quick improvements like design and content and flip it.

    All the best :)