A Question About Adsense Currency
  • Hey, everybody

    I thought I would ask this question here so it might benefit others than me.

    I have(more or less by mistake) pressed agree in my google adsense account to showing the adsense revenue in my currency(DKR).

    If I am going to show adsense revenue when flipping a site does it matter?
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  • No, that's fine. Just add a conversion for those who are ignorant to currencies outside of USD :)
  • Also make sure to find a good conversion calculator that they can use to verify themselves. I"m not saying your a liar or anything, sellers just prefer to verify stuff themselves if they can.

  • xe.com works great :)

    good point Fruit
  • [quote="meathead1234"]
    xe.com works great :)

    good point Fruit

    Well good you mentioned a specific site

    I just remembered they couldn't use the one I am using(since it's in danish):P