• I wonder which would be better. Sifting through the hundreds of sites for sale, or simply putting up a WTB type of site. Let everyone else do the work of finding websites for you.

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  • Why would people "find" websites for you? If you plan on posting a WTB thread, get ready for a ton of SH** to sift and sort.

  • Even if you think you are being specific about what you want...ask me how I know.
  • i skim around digital point, it hard to find good value and cheap site there for starter...

    maybe i should make my own site and start to flipp it....
  • This would be my suggestion of where to start.
  • Yea I agree billypilgrim. It's a lot easier to start your own site from scratch and then flip it in a few weeks or even a few days -- depending on the type of site.

  • Yeah, i was doing it
    But u guy think what should i add at least to my site to get most value in a short term?
    Say 1 week. Right now i already have my site ready
    All with content and adsense.......
    But it totally new.....if it got sold, then maybe still not much
    Seo may be not for 1 week
  • No, let it marinate, get some revenue, then sell it. Remember, this isn't flipping, it's selling. Flipping is buying low and selling high.
  • The last thing I want to do is derail a thread, but man, when I read that title I thought you were planning to buy DigitalPoint itself!
  • Might get it at a fire sale when the owner goes to jail for cookie stuffing.
  • You shouldn't comment on things you really don't know about. Especially when you don't know Hogan personally. I doubt he'll be going to jail.


    Might get it at a fire sale when the owner goes to jail for cookie stuffing.
  • Why would I need to know him personally to comment on a story that's been in the news? Don't be silly. You doubt? Who cares?