Contacting sites directly
  • So it's safe to say that 99.9% of all websites are not up for sale at the moment. Would it be a profitable venture to contact a list of sites that you would like to purchase?

    For example,

    I contact 's owner and simply say

    "hey, I'm interested in purchasing your site, I'll offer you $xxx for it."

    Obviously it would be a bit more complicated than that, but do you think people would go for it?
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  • Yea just make a good pitch and keep the numbers reasonable.

  • I think you'd be surprised. While 99.9% of websites might not be LISTED for sale at the moment, it doesn't mean that they wouldn't sell if the price is right :)

    People do go for it, but you have to rely on volumes of emails sent to get a decent number of replies. Try emailing those on 2nd/3rd page for their keyword - these sites probably don't make much and you can boost them onto page 1 and flip for a nice profit.
  • How do I find the contact info for a said website? I understand about looking of whois info, but most of the time an email is not available. Thanks
  • Try contact forms and/or Whois. Ideally you want to call them, not email - you will get better responses. Even if they have private Whois you can email the listed contact and it usually forwards to the owner anyway.