• I'm wondering if I buy a domain name with a Page Rank of 4, will it reset back down to zero if it's transferred to me and I build a website to go along with it?

    Also, if it does reset, how long does it take?

    Other question is how often does PR update? I've heard two answers, every day and 4 times a year. Huge difference between the two if you ask me.
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  • If you buy a domain with a fake pagerank, when you redirect to your server, goes to PR 0 but google continue with PR4 until be updated. I dont know how long takes but i think that google updates more than 4 times a year.

    Caution, people will see that you have fake PR, like FKS tells you, they are not stupid.
  • As long as you know the PR is real and the domain hasn't dropped, then the PR should stay. Also make sure you know where the domain is actually getting its PR from. It could get its PR 4 from one website, and if the link is removed the PR will go down.

    Regarding PR updates, both answers are correct. Google does update PR every single day, but they only update the PR that the public see's 4 times a year.
  • That was another question I had. What is fake PR?[hr]
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    When you say Page Rank updates daily, but is only open to the public 4 times a year, does that mean you won't know what page rank you have until the next 1/4 of the year, or is there a way to see what it is immediately.