• After having tried to contact both Bryan and Thomas at both BHW and WF, I've come to the conclusion that they're either too busy or aren't planning on replying.

    Nonetheless, I'll post my sites here and I'd appreciate some appraisals :)


    http://www.gearsofwartoys.com - Started about a month ago, I've had a toy store buy a banner spot - $60 for 3 months, site has made just under $9 via eBay this month. All income including banners sales have basically come from this month.


    http://www.dogshedding.net - One of my first sites I started a while ago, ranks for quite a few dog shedding terms, receives around 1200 UV a month from search engines, mainly Google and Yahoo some from Bing as well. Building a list, at around 30 signups - haven't sent anything to them yet. Site isn't making anything, I've tried Adsense has a poor click rate and made like $2 in a week. Is it worth PMing site owners to see if they want a banner spot? Who would I PM? Pet shop owners?


    http://www.theteencook.com - A site I believe has a tone of potential, I wanted to create some merchandise with the logo to promote it around, should I or? Also, the site has been featured on a couple of smallish cooking blogs referring people to my blog. Up to 150 UV this month so far, and 200 UV last month; not making anything yet (not sure how to monetise?)


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  • Both Bryan and Thomas are extremely busy and you probably shouldn't expect answers ASAP. I'd give you a few appraisals, but I"m a bit worn-out. Love your gears of war toy site. You could get anywhere from 100 - 400 for it.

  • Hi,

    As Trinity says, with over 500 customers I'm afraid we can't reply to everyone that quickly. We do our best, but we do need to sleep sometimes :) The forum here is always the best place to get hold of us. That's the main reason we built Flipping Network - to allow EVERYONE to learn from questions that people ask, rather than repeating ourselves everytime we get the same questions.

    1) I'd keep that a little longer and see how the ebay revenue goes. Private ad spots are great to sell as it makes the site profitable from day one.

    2) Yes, pet shop owners seem to be the best option. You can generally get more selling a private banner than you can earn on Adsense with a site like that.

    3) Not had much experience with the cooking niche - but I've heard it's very hard to make a profit. I would be tempted to flip it for a few hundred and invest in something better.

    Overall, none of the sites are worth much at the moment - Trinity is about right with 1-400. I'd keep 1 & 2 and flip 3.

  • Thanks for the replies.

    Might keep the third as a hobby site and see how it goes for now - as for the other two I'll try and sell some further banner spots and I'm thinking of keeping the Gears Of War site till April when the new video game comes out as I should have a could list by then and possibly an authority site.
  • How olds ur site already?
  • The first site around a month and a half old.

    The second around 2 years.

    The third about 3 months or so
  • Gears Of War site has made $15 + $60 (for 3 months of banner advertising).

    So a total of $75 made this month, but $35 (1x month of advertising and $15 from eBay ads).

    Guessing the site is worth $500+?

    Just wondering, I am looking to keep it as I'm building a list and it's getting decent traffic, rankings are improving daily and once the new game comes out as well as new figures, it will only get more popular ;) - I've asked a couple of people on forums and they were happy to do guest pieces for free; as well as a person making a Youtube video about my site!


    DogShedding site has made $2 this month from eBay, pretty average - tried contacting some pet show owners, around 20, 2 replied saying no ;)
    960 UV this month, 430 from Google, 265 Yahoo and ~100 from other search engines.
  • hey cool, pls keep us posted when u flip ur site. i think u will make decent profit
  • Received just under 40 eBay clicks today, which if it carries along at the same EPC will have been my first $5 eBay day with this site.

    It's also reached 10 subscribers for the newsletter which is OK I guess
  • Dog Shedding:
    - Twitter account, 1300 followers

    - Email list is at 37 now, still yet to promote anything

    - 1300 UV this month, 1800 total visits:

    Google - 640 UV
    Yahoo - 300 UV
    Bing - 100 UV
    Other SE's ~ 70 UV

    Not much referring traffic, a little from some Ezine and ArticlesBase articles.
    Made $2 from eBay - brings me to the question of whether or not a content blocker on either a video or the entire site would work?

    Any idea how much this site is worth?


    Gears Of War:
    - Email list is at 14 now, still yet to promote anything

    - 811 UV this month, 1270 total visits:

    Google - 435 UV
    Other SE's ~ 50 UV

    Referring traffic from a Gears Of War forum = 230 UV

    Youtube Channel:

    A Youtube user, and member of the Gears of War forum did a video review of my site:

    - $27 from eBay Partner Network
    - $60 for a 3 month banner spot

    Any idea how much this site is worth?


    Cheers guys!