• My buyers STILL haven't recognized the fact that they received my sites in Escrow. How long do I give them before taking action? And what action can I take? I want to get PAID!
    I've already transferred the domains (although I can still get into the dashboards).

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  • Have you asked him/her to check email? There's gotta be notification when domain(s)
    transferred. BTW how many days you set for the inspection time? Tried have a live chat
    with him/her?
  • Escrow sets it at 7 days. They've had access to the sites for 11 days now but inspection doesn't happen until they acknowledge receipt. Fuckers.
  • Hold on, they received the domain, means Escrow should had received their payment (if I'm not mistaken).
    But you said they have already accessed to it for 11 days, elapsed the inspection period.
    Something isn't right, have you tried contact Escrow's support?

    Different situation I had before, the buyer didn't even send the money so no action should
    I take (transfer the domain). I file a dispute and get a free re-list at flippa after reporting the
    buyer's behavior (sent all proof alltogether).
  • They have to accept receipt of my sites. Escrow has payment already but can't release it until the buyers tell Escrow they've received it.
  • Man, look quite hard for u to accept this
    But hope everything go well
  • honestly the process shouldn't take more than a few hours, no less a few days. Send them an email saying "I'm opening a dispute". True, you'll never get your site back, but you will get the escrow released, even without them.