Can I trust this BIN buyer?
  • Hi all,

    I listed my first auction yesterday and had a full price BIN buyer within a few hours. He just joined Flippa yesterday and he wants to pay with Paypal. I am still talking to him, but I don't know if I should accept his bid.

    My latest question to him was if he joined Flippa just to buy my site. (I was advertising it in other places)

    My site auction is here:

    What do you guys think? Are there other questions I should be asking this buyer?

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  • huh, of course u should careful
    do anything nessessary to avoid scam.

    if he wants to pay with paypal, i think u should force him to pay u with a note (my friend use to put a note in the transaction when he send to me, so u know
    what is purpose of the transaction)

    a note like: "I buy this website with the agreement of both site, and this is the final transaction" something like that.
    just to protect u in case he wanna scam u on paypal.

    just my though, i don't know if this thing work..
  • If the "buyer" is still communicating - that is a good sign. I tend to trust rather than just say no especially if they have been upfront and PM'ed me. With sites at this price, I wouldn't spend TOO much time on due diligence or it really cuts into your profit time wise.

    As long as you get payment upfront you should be fine. Make sure he sends the payments as "goods" and send a CD (recorded delivery) to his/her home address. That way if they put in a dispute you will win as you can prove you sent the CD and fulfilled your end of the deal.

    Good luck :)

    P.s. this is a fantastic example of BIN bonuses working well. You've got a ton of value in there which makes the site a great deal for buyers, while being profitable for you at the same time.
  • Thanks for your responses. I will accept the bid under the circumstances you outlined Thomas. Wish me luck!


    PS. I've got 3 more just like this one ready to go. Hope they all sell as fast as this one!
  • thanks for sharing, I have been tempted to post a couple of turnkeys, its nice to know there is a market. If you don't mind sharing what are you using for autoblogging CC or wp-robot or something else?