question about flipping plr sites + affiliate
  • Hi guys i am going through the killerflippingsecrets and learning as i go.

    I read this part here on page 44 about creating affiliate for your PLR product and than selling the website on flippa and than be able to get money from the sale.

    Could somebody explain this in more detail of how this works. I can buy a PLR products from and create the account with affiliate for that PLR ?

    Sorry for this but i somebody could explain this i would really appreciate it.

    Thank you
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  • It means you buy a PLR product,say a e book or something and sell it as your product after modifying/rewriting it.So in the process you make someone else sell your product and you offer them a share of a sale.To find affiliates you can use clickbank or something similar/ Hope that helps :)
  • I understand about that part. I was talking about what was written on page 44 of the manual. And to create affiliate with account. Paragraph starts with Setting this up is.......