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  • Does anyone know if you can sell a website that sells physical products?

    Not a commission, the website owner would actually own the physical products and ship them.

    I've got a great idea if this can be done.
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  • You mean an ecommerce site? Sure you can. As long as it's web based with a domain, you can sell basically anything on Flippa :)

    Ecommerce sites are actually a great seller on Flippa, can get some nice multiples.
  • That's the thing, I have been selling products without a website and have made easily $300 a week from doing it (not very much I know), however if I were to just throw up a quick website, show my numbers for revenue, and just let people know where to get the product (after they have purchased it) I should make huge sales. I'm going to wait until I have some feedback, but I would love to do this.

    Also, the thing I sell would take thousands of people to have it over saturated as this product is hot.
  • DO you mean that the website will contain details on how to sell those products and the website itself doesn't make an Income.
  • No, you could sell the product on the website. I'm just wondering if I sell the site for a lot of money, and tell people how I get the product and sell it, they would be pissed since it's a very obvious answer. I know I wouldn't want to pay $7k for a site that I could do myself and figure out in less than an hour.
  • My feeling is that people buy sites because they can't or just don't want to do it themselves. Same with brick and mortar businesses.
  • [quote="NikGoodrich"]
    I know I wouldn't want to pay $7k for a site that I could do myself and figure out in less than an hour.

    Sure they will. Most people are lazy and like things on a plate, even if they have to pay for it.
  • To me it's like Adsense ads, I NEVER click on them. But I make money from people who do.
  • Hmmm.

    Okay, I'm going to start a new thread in the VIP section because I'm going to share private info on how I make money and I want your advise on how to monetize it (the website).