• I decided to write about the progress of my first flip. Here's everything I've done so far:

    Bought a webmaster/design tutorial website for $80 with the following specs:
    Runs on WordPress
    Approximately 4,000 Unique Views per month
    Unique design worth approximately $250
    PageRank 0
    Targeted backlinks on webmaster/tutorial sites
    Legit Alexa Rank of ~560,000
    No (recent) revenue

    What I have done so far:
    Implement AdSense (Easy Adsense plugin: 2 ads on index: One in sidebar, one under featured post. 3 ads on every post: One in beginning, one in middle, one in sidebar)
    Used ScrapeBox with Wonder Wheel function for 'Photoshop Tutorial' related backlinks (created approximately 1,500 links)

    What I plan on doing:
    Generate Revenue:
    Find targeted CPA offers/affiliates and dedicate specific posts about them (Webhosting for example)
    Write (webmaster related) posts with high paying keywords
    Create (free and premium) tutorial videos to increase the site's value

    Please give me your feedback! :)[hr]
    Oh yeah, it also has a lot of unique content and tutorials/articles.
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  • how long u plant to flip it?

    must be quick to generate revenue
  • Well, I'm trying to generate some revenue for it before the flip to increase its value, but it's not doing great. (Have AdSense on it now for 3 days, averaging $0.20 per day.) I don't have an exact time period on which I plan to flip it, I think I'll flip it once it makes a noticable amount of revenue people would be willing to bid on.
  • Sounds like a decent buy. I would go buy some high PR links to boost the PR for the next update. Web design etc blogs are hard to monetize - selling links tends to be the best way. A lot of similar sites would buy links from you - so don't be afraid to contact them. I find the web design niche to be extremely responsive if you have a blog of decent quality.

    Try do some guest blogging (see Zero to Hero methods) and get some traffic and links for your site. Works a treat and will get you a nice boost in direct traffic (SE traffic can take a while to hit).
  • Thanks for the tips. I'll be trying to sell some links when I get a good PR. Do the high PR backlinks I'll be buying have to be related to my site? How many links with what PRs should I be buying (and what's a decent price for them)?
    Also, how would I go about combining guest blogging with my website? Would I be getting hired? If so, where would I be placing my backlinks (my first impression would be on the bottom with the credits of the author)?
  • As far as I'm aware - high PR links are high PR links - it shouldn't make a difference for the purpose of gaining PR. For SEO it may well be useful to get related links, but this isn't our objective here.

    Either make them yourself with Scrapebox or go spend $50 or so getting someone to build some links for you. Check out a forum like BHW or WF for those.

    Really depends on the site with guest blogging. They are all different. Some might pay you, some might give you a backlink. Either way - it's good traffic. Try to target blogs with an Alexa below 100k as I find these will have some worthwhile traffic. From blogs above that you won't get enough traffic to make it worth your while.
  • Alright, well I already did one Scrapebox blast with a couple of keywords related to 'Photoshop tutorial' in the Wonder Wheel.
    I'll continue to build links through Scrapebox, and start guest blogging too.
  • Yeah, just keep going with that. I usually just do a few high PR ones by hand to make sure they stick.

    Guest blogging is great - just write some decent articles. You can even re-write the same article and submit to different sites - most don't mind as long as the content is decent.

    Get a twitter account too - all the blogs in web design niche have loads of followers.
  • - Sell some promotional posts
    - Sell some small 125 x 125 ad spots for 5 - 10$ per month. You can increase the amount if you want, but you can generate some quick cash and make it look good for flipping.
    - build up a list offering some freebies (plr, lPs, ebooks)
    - Once you have 100+ emails sell email blasts
    - sell comments (let some one post their link and be on the top of all comments)

    List was created off the top of my head.

  • Fantastic ideas, thanks! I suppose selling promotional posts could be offered under the Advertising BST on DP?
  • I set up a price list for advertising, would these be realistic and attractive to potential clients?

    Promotional Post
    Normal Post (Shows up on front page with image): $15
    Feature (Sticks on top of front page with a big banner, gets most exposure): $10/mo

    Ad Blocks
    125x125 Sidebar Block: $7/mo
    300x250 Ad Block at beginning of each post: $15/mo

    Gold Package
    Featured Post + 125x125 Ad Spot in Sidebar: $30/month

    Diamond Package
    Featured Post + 125x125 Ad Spot in Sidebar + 300x250 Ad Block at beginning of each post: $40/month

    What do you think?
  • Shameless self-bump. Insecure about the prices, would appreciate some feedback!
  • just try it,i dont know much about link sale
  • Go for it!
  • Alright, so my next step is putting the advertisement opportunities up, here's my personal steps to hopefully maximize my revenue:
    [*]Use Scrapebox to get a lot of high PR backlinks for Webmaster created keywords (do the highest PRs on the bloglists personally for a higher chance of getting a backlink).[/*:m]
    [*]Sign up at Aweber[/*:m]
    [*]Add an Aweber subscribe form to the homepage[/*:m]
    [*]Create/outsource web design tutorial articles/videos advertising the website and the email form[/*:m]
    [*]Upload these videos on YouTube[/*:m]
    [*]Replace Google Adsense with 'Advertise Here' blocks[/*:m]
    [*]Notify blogs, use social bookmarking and forums related to my niche to promote the YouTube videos[/*:m]
    [*]Repeat steps 4 to 6 until there's at least 100 emails in the list [/*:m]
    [*]Hopefully succeed within the month[/*:m]
    [*]Create a well-designed sales page in Photoshop for the advertising opportunities (blog posts, email blasts, advertisement blocks)[/*:m]
    [*]Compress and upload the sales page image on my 'business site' (which obviously doesn't contain any links to my webmaster site)[/*:m]
    [*] Post the image on DigitalPoint under the Advertisement forum in the BST[/*:m][/list:o]
    Let me know what you think! Any feedback or comments are appreciated!
  • Very professional. U seem to enjoy what u are doing. I think u are doing good.
    But how much money u spent on oursource?
  • Thanks, I do indeed enjoy it!
    I haven't spent anything on outsourcing yet, as I have Photoshop and other designing skills myself. So with a little time and dedication I can put together a couple of tutorial videos myself! :)
  • I never looked at the Aweber prices before and found that I don't have such budget for it. I'll have to look for a working alternative, or scrap the email blast idea.
  • Check out the pricing of Imnica Mail. http://www.imnicamail.com/ Very affordable. But don't order from there. Check out their wso and get it for much much cheaper. http://www.warriorforum.com/warrior-spe ... trial.html

    Lets just put it this way.

    Aweber = $150 monthly for 10,000 subscribers

    Imnica Mail = $11.90 monthly for 10,000 subscribers
  • I don't expect to receive so many subscribers, and my total investment has already passed $200+ (Site + KFS), so I can't really afford a subscription. Is there an open source alternative or server-side script? My server supports (mass) mailing.
  • You could start off with mailchimp.com if your list is relatively small.
  • Fantastic. Exactly what I need. So, in the steps I posted replace Aweber with Mailchimp and we're all set to go further!

    I'll be making the tutorial videos next!
  • Alright, so college started and I'll have less time on my hands on the coming weeks. My plan is to sell it by the end of October.
    Currently the site is making AdSense revenue of around 5 EUR per week, which is about 20 EUR per month. The minimum bid should now be at least (including the premium unique wordpress theme and content) 550 EUR which is about $700. Sounds realistic, right?