should I featured my site
  • Hello, I currently list a turnkey site on flippa
    turn out it is kind of failure... I set it 3 days, first day got like 11 views

    so should I featured it?
    the site use an open source script for image hosting.
    i use the default design

    i do some tweet for it so got some traffic, 60-100 visit in 4 days (total)

    I plan to sell it around 80$, already use the coupon of flipping book.

    But I don't know, don't want to wast another 20$ if it not feasible to be sell.

    Any feedback is welcome.
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  • I feature my low ball sites 24 hours before auction is to end.
  • ok, your low ball site is similar statistic to my site?

    btw, how long is the featured gonna be?
  • Why would you use twitter to sell a website? Is the traffic full of buyers?

    Turnkey sites are terrible unless you know what you're doing and you don't seem to know what your doing. Experiment a little more and try to develop the revenue/traffic before you sell.

  • that's what i learn....[hr]
    still truggle to find some low budget and good on dp, but htx for all your advice.
  • I'm not sure if you can program, but you could make a script that will alert you for every new thread created in the "website" section of dp. You could also have some one else do it for $100 or so.

    Alternatively the money you invest in purchasing a site can be used to create one.

    Also if your interested I'll be selling adsense sites with a unique template in bulk pretty soon.

  • what the heck, while the last bid i got on my site is 2$,
    some crazy dudes upload a bunch of images on my sites, and one of them take my bandwidth total of 150mb...
    she must be put in some crazy network.

    damn, just 5 days, the banwidht of images upload by user go to 700mb....

    i thinkn i can improve my site for better chance later. since it got some crazy ppl like to upload free image...

    and i advertise it by tweeter, just invite them to use my site, not to sell my site get auction.

    sorry the bad english
  • Feature it every time, I got over 600 views on my site because I did it. $29 is nothing, but remember, the reason why people make jack shit on DP is because $29 is a lot to them. I'm more interested in making $2000 a week, not $20.