Would they pay $7000 for it?
  • For the past month I've been making an extra $300 a week from doing this strategy and you can too if you want as it can't be oversaturated really.

    My idea is to make a website that does this thing and to then sell it after 2 weeks because...

    If I can show proof of $300 a week earnings that means

    6 months of profit would be about $7200 and I think people would go for it.

    The strategy is simple, buy things on Craigslist, sell them on Ebay.

    Tons of people already do this, but I have a specialty product that I know will sell for a lot and people just want to get rid of it. Sorry, I'm not going to share this product (competition and all), but I'm sure you can find your own (cell phones, wiis, electronics in general).

    The question is if I make a site that sells this stuff through ebay, would people pay for it knowing they have to do the work to get the product? Obviously I won't share with them my process (Craigslist) until they have purchased everything, but would they demand a refund when the answer is so simple?

    Thoughts? If no, I could make one website after another and do this.
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  • No, because you aren't really selling them a website, you are selling them a system.

    Also, it wouldn't be a good idea to withhold the craigslist part from them.
  • See that's the problem. If I tell them Craigslist, then people just won't buy the website because they'll say "oh, I'll just do that" and essentially I'm giving away an idea for free while costing me a listing fee. That's my problem here, the question is how can I work this into a website.
  • You could always hire a VA who does it all for you - in which case you would be selling a business, consisting of:
    a) website
    b) strategy
    c) "employee"

  • Could you elaborate on that? I think I have an idea that will work, but unfortunately I don't know how to make it exclusive.
  • Hi Nik,

    I just saw this post and wanted to get a few more details on this system of yours, as I think I can probably help you out.

    When you say $300 per week, are you talking GROSS sales or Net Income ?

    Are you buying & Selling a specific product, type of product, or any merchandise you can find cheap and resell for profit ?

    How much money do you have tied up in inventory and any given time ?

    Are you in the states or other ??

    Let me know.

    Could you elaborate on that? I think I have an idea that will work, but unfortunately I don't know how to make it exclusive.
  • It would be $300 a week net profit.

    Essentially it is buy low and sell high.

    I'm currently in Michigan, but it might work in the UK, probably only there though.

    It's usually 100-120% profit buying the things and they cost anywhere from $40-$60.
  • Hi Nik,

    Ok, I am starting to get a little better feel for this, but still is a little vague.

    Couple of thoughts.

    What you have is a "system" to make some money. You could sell that "system" as an ebook to others to learn how to duplicate that. That is assuming the "system" is one that you can teach to others.

    As far as a website is concerned - the problem you are going to have if you want to sell a website based on that system is selling the site without revealing to the potential buyer exactly what the system is (Catch-22). I cannot envision someone paying several hundred dollars or more for a site and not knowing what it is they are going to be getting in return.

    The system should work virtually anywhere, provided the cost to ship the items is not too expensive in that country.

    Not sure if this helps or not.
  • Well MrStealth,

    I have some extra inventory I need to get rid of if you want to help out and then I can tell the system to you, I have no problem with that if you help me out.
  • This what you should do. I don't know if the site will sell for $7000. But what you have is a system so you should make that into a ebook or whatever (video, audio, etc). Make a website (like a clickbank product) base on that ebook. Try to get affilates to sell the ebook for you and you should promote it yourself while your at. Get some sales and traffic for like a week or two. And then list it on flippa telling them that this website made this amount within a week or two week. I'm getting this much traffic within a week or two of promoting it. Plus you get a proven method that can you make $300 per week so basically breaking it down.

    1. Turn your system into a product.
    2. Design a website for your product.
    3. Generate some sales and traffic
    4. Flip it a Flippa.

    Try to get some affiliates to help you push the product so when you flipping the website you can let the people know there are already people helping them sell the product. Also you might want to mention that you giving them a proven method that they can use themselves to make $300 per week using the system. Plus you can offer other bonus such as free hosting, some web 2.0 properties, baclinks etc. You just got to write a good sales letter/page in the flippa when you plan on selling it.

    I don't think you will be able to just sell a website that sells the stuff through ebay. Like how would you make it work? Most important thing that matter about a site to most people is the revenue and traffic. Anyway hope that help you.
  • Nick,

    You might also want to expand your buying base and selling base beyond ebay and CL. Try finding more marketplaces to source and resell your items. Doing that will also give you an advantage over your competitors.

    It will also do you well to brand yourself, in any trading business model, the biggest value you can offer is the value of your service.

    So if this site becomes well known as one of the best sources for your product, the value of your business and site will go up immensely.