i assume not much of site on flippa come from DP
  • yeah, i think so
    i mean, i try to skim a really good site on DP, event the high end one
    but they all feel so bogus, vauge on the value

    and all site list on flippa look always tasty, especially the featured one.

    so mostly those good site are original develop and get listed, or the seller get it somewhere else, not in DP

    i don't know, may be i'm wrong, but hmm, i want to buy a good site so bad to flip it... justt can't find it yet on DP
    while those featured site listed on flippa with bidder willing to pay more than few thoundsand bucks make me go nuts...
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  • You've just outlined exactly why DP is the perfect place to buy.

    All of the sites on there are generally badly presented, poor sales copy, poor stats, poor design. Buy one of them, make everything better (you'd be surprised what a nice sales copy can do) and then get it up on Flippa as a "tasty" site.

    A few people have said they are having trouble buying good sites on DP. Don't over-complicate it. Look for sites you know you can improve. Don't worry about the rubbish sales copy - this is to your advantage when negotiating a deal. Some of the best sites I have bought have not even been noticed by anyone else.

    Also look out for the people having firesales. They will list a lot of sites and take offers on all of them.

    Here's one I found quite quickly:


    You'll often find sellers like this have literally hundreds of sites they would like to get rid of - so often if you PM them and ask what else they have you can pick up some bargains. I picked up about 5 forums before for $1000, and I sold each of them individually for at least $1500 each with literally no work at all.

    So the trick is just to ignore the listing copy - look at the site and see what you think you can do with it. If you can make it better - buy it! And don't be afraid to PM people asking for more sites :)


    Browsing DP lately, I've seen a lot of people selling micro-niche sites for $20-30. These would be decent buys. Get them up on Flippa, and even if you only make $150 per site - you've still go a nice profit considering you won't need to touch them.
  • wow, how can u find it so fast, thx for the info, may be just not my day.
  • You'll get used to it. Once you've been doing this a while you'll get an eye for it. The hardest part is having the confidence to do your first site (even if you only make a few dollars).
  • Thomas,
    This is golden, my friend. THIS is what I wanted from my membership here. Now, let's have a webinar and go into this sort of thing. Clearly I'm not your competitor yet. I really want to break out of the MNS niche and make bigger bank.

  • That was one quick find Thomas and a really good one too. Have to keep my eyes open when i go DP hunting next time ;)[hr]
    Btw did you use any filters to find it or just had a look at recent listed sites and found this nugget?
  • I'm not very scientific when it comes to finding sites to be honest, I just look through and see what I like. The reason I don't use filters is that sometimes prices could be completely unrealistic and some people might not mention a price at all (so you can sometimes pick up huge bargains!)
  • huh, the final result turn out not bad
    today i got a pm to buy my site with my reserve price after it ended unsold. well not bad at all

    i also got 5 orders from fiverr, lolz, what the hell

    i feel more spirit now.

    just hope no scam will happen, the buyer is kind of nice guy, but who know
  • [quote="maninwhite"]
    huh, the final result turn out not bad
    today i got a pm to buy my site with my reserve price after it ended unsold. well not bad at all

    This happens quite often. I regularly sell sites that don't appear to have sold. Quite often people will wait until the end and then PM you an offer. As long as you make a profit then it's well worth doing rather than relisting. In this game it's best to get rid of a site rather than holding onto it and moving onto something else. Don't become too attached to a site or you will never be really profitable.