SERP Assist
  • I know Justin uses and promotes this product, so this is mainly directed at him. Is this program proving to be a strong contender for SENuke? Anyone else have any thoughts?
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  • That last time I looked at it, I believe it only did web 2.0 sites. I'd look at magic submitter as being a competitor for SENuke. I got it for $300 a year.
  • And can you compare MS with SEnuke, B? Is price the only consideration (and a big one, as well!)?
  • I think even seo link robot looks promising. but should be out in next 4 weeks at $197 and features similar to Magic submitter...

  • This is an old post! I still rate SerpAssist as a contender in SEO and Dave who runs it is doing a lot of work on it all the time.

    I notice that SENukeX Is to be launched around November/Decemver and has a lot of the same features as SerpAssist, although at $50 more a month if you buy SerpAssist through one of the $20 discount affiliates out there. However I suspect it will be a few months before SENukeX becomes less buggy but I think it will have a broader range of sites from the get-go. Not sure if SENukeX needs to have SENuke open to function or not. The reason I love SerpAssist is that once I have submitted a link diagram it just happens and better than that if a site goes down on SerpAssist it will automaticlaly heal the linking diagram with a new page in that place.