• I always wondered if it wouldn't be cheaper to just outsource site building with seo optimization already in there and what not than to buy the website.

    At least with an outsourcer they can build a nice website for $100, you start getting some traffic through SEO with Adsense. As soon as you generate about $5 a day through adsense you just sell it right then and there.

    Pagerank is nice and all, but I personally think that revenue sells WAY better .

    $90 a month should get around $400 to $500 on Flippa easily.
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  • hey nick,

    thanks for your post. This looks like a good idea. Maybe you can evaluate a little more as I am not sure, if DP is really the point to go.

    What do you think, would be the process (and who does it)...

    --> Keyword Research (you)
    --> Domain Purchase (you)
    --> Setup software like WP or something similar (you OR outsourced)
    --> Get content written (outsourced)
    --> Do SEO (you OR outsourced)...?

    However I currently don't know how all this could be achieved for 100 bucks (or close to that...)?
  • Yeah,

    I did my little experiment already. Even with prime keywords and stuff, I only got $15 for the site which cost me about $70 to build and optimize, oh well, if you don't experiment how will you find what works?