• Since I had small success with my first site, I figured it's time to start my next.

    I will be trying a new strategy this time though.

    1. Create a site from scratch using Wordpress.
    2. SEO it based on lucrative keywords and low competition, easy SERP.
    3. Add Adsense.
    4. Run a small marketing campaign with my secret weapon website ($.005 CPC targeted traffic)

    Once I hit an average of $5 a day with Adsense, I'm making the flip.

    I figure $150 a month will fetch $900.

    Budget: $100 this will include hosting/domain registration/backlink building/feature listing/fees associated with Flippa.

    Goal: $50 an hour, it shouldn't take more than about 8 hours to do all this including content writing, creating the site, and so forth.

    Critiques are appreciated.
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  • Why don't you buy a site that makes $5,straight from DP for $100. It shouldn't cost you more than hour to find one that makes $5 a day. We are site flippers, remember. Not web designers ;)

    Just an idea. As it could considerably reduce lot of time. No offense meant. Btw congratulations on your first sale :)
  • Thank you.

    I wasn't aware they would go for that cheap there. You do have a point there though, this is a flipping site. I'll go check it out and if I have no success I guess I can always go back to my plan.
  • Sorry nick. I mean to say sites that make $5 a month. Read your post in a hurry :-/
  • Yeah, $5 a month is nothing special really. I did find some superbly original sites on there for $100 with no revenue or traffic, but it's actually quite easy to get that kind of thing.
  • Alright,

    Having only invested about $30 I'm getting about 300 UV each day to my site.


    It has not been indexed yet, but I have optimized it for the keywords in the URL pretty heavily. I've also been doing some backlinks promotion to try and get a better SERP.

    Adsense is making about $2 a day roughly.

    How long should I hold onto this before I flip it?

    My thoughts were wait until I can get some google traffic in there and then flip it. Obviously, no one wants to buy a site that isn't indexed, but it's been three days now and still nothing.
  • he, just give u a clicked.
    look kind of nice site

    i think u should spend more time to make it better with revenue and traffic....
  • Yeah I got some decent traffic now, although there is pretty much no content and the site is ugly.

    I think I learned my lesson. Putting 40 hours into a site that's going to sell for $100 max is not worth it, best to just stick with flipping.
  • so u run adword campain? btw, if someone click on adword advertise, will it mark at referrer or organic traffic?

    if u not use adword, what type of ptc site u are using? can u give me some hint?
  • I use another network that gets about $.005 a click, but I might share that a little down the line, it's quite good with good traffic.
  • $0.005? Cool, that's incredibly cheap, is it targeted traffic? Are they real human?
  • Yup, they're real...they are targeted to a certain degree. This is Adsense safe as well.
  • Great, lol care to share?
  • Not yet, I have to keep a few things in my arsenal.
  • Sure thing, no problem :D
    Let me be the first to know when you are ready to share it, LOL, jk.