why some seller don't use instant messenger
  • i got this deal from bidding

    then the seller tell me to send to his paypal
    i say ok, let's talk a little bit

    he said he doesn't use instant messenger, if i don't want, he has other buyer????

    how the hell a IM user don't use a instant messener?? so i just quit the deal.

    anyone get this situation?
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  • Yes, quite often. If they don't have IM see if they have Skype. If they don't have either of those then get their phone number. If they won't give you their phone number then they probably aren't worth dealing with so I'll just move on.
  • yeah, now he reported me for not buying his site, because i win the bidding, damn
    whats to do?
  • You won, buy the site.
  • yeah, but willl i got some trouble if he doesn't give me info?
    i never know the level of protection in paypal
  • Ask him properly, does he have any of these account;

    - MSN
    - Yahoo
    - AIM / ICQ
    - Google Talk
    - MySpace
    - Skype
    - Facebook

    If he got any of these, the ask him to have a little chat on IMO.IM or MEEBO.COM

    Tell him that you don't have to install any third-party software (i.e: Yahoo Messenger)
    on your computer, just login to your account there and we can have a little chat.

    Furthermore, convince him that you are really serious about what you've bid,
    tell him you just want to confirm whether you (seller) is legit.

    "If you are legit, why would you want to hide your identity? Just few moments on
    Live chat won't harm you :)"