my second attemp in flipping career
  • hello guys, i like the way ppl post their progress in flippi journey, so I also want to try mine, he.

    well, this week is a crazy week for me, so many thing happen that's make my head want to explode, gud thing, bad thing/ hit to me.

    but just 2 more days, i can chill out, and start to play with my 2 new sites (2 for 79$)

    1. one is an autoblog, not yet received, very sexy theme.
    2. second is a microniche blog, 2 years olds domain, good content,pr1 (12$) lolz.

    so just to let everyone know what's i'm gonna do.
    will keep this thread update.

    sorry for my bad english.
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  • Ya get better every time, learn the mistakes now while it's cheap I say.

    I myself am doing another experiment by creating a site from scratch. I'm wishing you luck.
  • [quote="NikGoodrich"]
    Ya get better every time, learn the mistakes now while it's cheap I say.

    Precisely. It's a very scalable model so once you have a good system in place you can scale it up in terms of either volume or quality of site. The same principles apply whether you are selling a $100 site or a $10,000 site.
  • now i have my first site setup, install adsense.

    but my site is a small article site (about 10 articles, can be add more) about gambling, pr0, 2 years old domain, not much traffic for over 2 years.

    how can i build traffic and revenue fast in one week or 2 weeks to be flip-able at a reasonable price? (over 100$ if possible)
    i plan to buy link from good traffic site, but in my calculation, listting(20$) + feature(30$) +buy link(20$) + buy the site(12$) = 82$,
    so must be sold over 100$ to have profit.

    hm, anyone have some suggestion for building fast traffic and revenue? may be do some youtube + social bookmark? the thing is those thing may cost a lot of times..
  • I think it's better to find sustainable traffic, because in the listing you're gonig to have to tell the buyer that you bought a link and that it will expire, whereas if all your traffic comes from Google it will "never" go away.
  • so u mean now i should do heavy SEO, to get traffic from google?
    that will take like month... and i'm no good at SEO anyway
    or u mean do some adwords campaign?
  • People want cheap and easy, that's the American way which is where all the buyers are coming from I assume. SEO let's them get traffic for free and they don't have to lift a finger. If you do too much marketing and spend too much money you'll just lose in the end.

    SEO won't take a month if the website is already indexed. Just start backlinking and a Webcrawler will be able to get you to the top of the rankings in a few days.
  • you right, to get good traffic, SEO is always important, but i think that's not the point for quick flip (also the same in the book).
    normally, seo come after few weeks, and that's also not my strength,

    But since this is a adsense site, without traffic, there is no revenue, and to bring traffic in a quick time, only thing i can thing of is paid for it, google adword, or some cheap campaign. and by that, hopefully i can get some revenue from adsense in a short time.
    and flip it. now if i buy traffic, then those traffic are not substancial - > buyer may not like it...

    So this is really make me confused...
  • Try social media. A Facebook fan page and a Twitter account can add a fair bit of value to the site when you sell, so try build fans/followers which will in turn drive traffic to the site. Don't pay for any traffic on cheap sites - generate it all for free.
  • Another great place is

    True, you might only get 1 to 2 people coming to your site per post, but it also takes less than a minute to do that. Getting 100+ people coming to your site per hour can generate some serious traffic.

    Yesterday I answered two questions and got 10 people so far coming to my site.

    Is 10 people a lot? No, but for two minutes of work it is and those questions will bring in more people in the future.

    Even better, outsource it and have someone answer questions for you with your account and pay them $4 an hour for 2 hours a day.