I need help uploading my site to the net
  • OK, I couldn't find any good sites to buy on sitepoint, so I decided to create an ebook and sell that on Flippa.

    I outsourced pretty much everything for $250, so I now have my own ebook, domain, sales lettet with graphics.

    What is my next step?

    How do I upload my site to the net?
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  • Hi Donie,

    The easiest way is to use an FTP program A FTP or File Transfer Protocol program makes it easy for you to transfer files from your computer to your web host.

    There are lots of free ones available. If you use Firefox there is even a plugin FireFTP to do this. I've used it and it works well. I prefer a stand alone program but that's only because I use my browser a lot and I don't like flipping back and forth.

    I might have a video kicking around someplace I could load up if you get stuck.

  • yeah, ftp is one option
    if u can access to the control panel of your hosting
    u can also use the function like file manager to upload your file.

  • Yes this is also an option and I use that one too when I am only uploading a couple of small files. It's also easier to use than setting up an FTP program but once the program is set up, for any more than a handful of files, it's a lot faster and easier to use.

    If you're going to build and manage websites over the long run, you may want to learn to do both.

  • Get Filezilla then lookup your FTP configurations and plug them in. Don't bother with control panel uploading, that will take forever.

    I suggest you sell the ebook BEFORE you list the site on Flippa because here's the big difference.

    Listing 1: Buy this site that COULD make you $1200 a month in sales (Sells on Flippa for $100-$200)

    Listing 2: Buy this site that HAS made $1200 a month in sales (Sells on Flippa for $5000 - $10000)

    And all you have to do is sell some copies that pay for your listing fees.

    Just make sure you sell them on DP and other forums. I think this was covered in the book. Don't be afraid to do some PPC advertising as well.