FlippingNetwork Website Giveaway: Get an established "flippable" site FOR FREE!
  • Hey there!

    Right, so Thomas and I have gone a bit nuts and decided to give away an established website that has a potential of being flipped for $500+.

    In just a notch over 3 days this site is going to be in possession of one of our very own FlippingNetwork members and all of us will have the chance to follow him/her flipping it.

    On to the rules of the game:

    1. The website in question is a forum, dedicated to "Ethical hacking and Internet security". The URL is http://secworm.net/.

    2. NO OTHER INFORMATION about the site will be revealed in the initial post. Pretend that it's DP and ASK! (in this thread - no PMs please)

    3. In order to participate, you will need to tell us how exactly will you improve the site, to get the maximum price for it on Flippa

    4. Submissions shall be posted as NEW THREADS in a section dedicated to this found here: http://flippingnetwork.com/forum/forumd ... php?fid=66

    5. All submissions will remain hidden for as long as the game is on.

    6. On Monday, 30th August, myself an Thomas will go through all submissions and declare the winner.

    7. After this, all submissions will be made PUBLIC, so that everybody will be able to see them and learn from them. We will also add our own comments where appropriate.

    8. The winner has up to 3 weeks to improve the site (before flipping it), during which he/she will keep a journal so that other members can follow and submit their advice

    9. After 3 weeks (or earlier if the winner so chooses), they will list the site on Flippa, sell it (hopefully for a lot of money!) and walk away with the cash. No cut for us :)

    And that's about it. Shoot your questions and submissions our way!

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  • Alright, I'll do the leg work for a lot of people by asking questions right now.

    1. Is this forum Opensource (MyBB is I believe) or does it use any paid plugins? If so, were they legally purchased.

    2. Is the theme alright to use ie: paid for or free?

    3. What is the domain age?

    4. Is the site ranked high for any keywords?

    5. If so, what kind of organic traffic is the site receiving?

    6. What other sources of traffic are there ie paid, ppc, banners...

    7. Is this a revenue sharing forum? Is there any revenue at all?

    8. Are there paid moderators that we would have to worry about?

    9. How many of the registered users are actually active?

    10. What are the maintenance costs for the website/knowledge needed to run it?

    11. How easy would it be to transfer the entire forum to another website/hosting?

    12. Do you have Google Analytics info?
    I'll think of more later, sorry for being in depth. For a site that I would buy more than $300 I would ask these kind of things.
  • Haha - good one, Nik.

    Ok, here goes:

    1. Yes, it's MyBB so opensource. Some plugins but all freeware.

    2. Custom made

    3. http://whois.domaintools.com/

    4. No

    5. From the beginning of August, the site has had 108 organic visits across several keywords. It doesn't rank well for any particular keyword.

    6. 17% of traffic has been from go4expert.com. Probably a forum post. 66% is direct traffic - source unknown.

    7. No and no.

    8. No.

    9. According to MyBB - 10. However, I'm not sure what's needed for MyBB to mark a user as 'active'.

    10. Maintenance costs: $0 (apart from hosting), knowledge needed: Basic MyBB knowledge - tons of newbie tutorials available on the net.

    11. Easy.

    12. Yep, but only since the beginning of August. Going to post a PDF in 5 mins.
  • Wow I'm just started and just finished reading the ebook, I have not gotten to the cd yet so I think I'm going to sit this out and watch :).

    I would have never thought to ask all the questions that NikGoodrich did. This is going to be on heck of a learning experience.

    Thanks so much to you guys for REALLY thinking out of the box when it comes to teaching and showing students how to be successful.

    Could you please tell me what you mean by number 7. Is this a revenue sharing forum? Is there any revenue at all?

  • Hey, it's your money, be thorough, I wasn't the first website I did and I ended up making like $.30 an hour. I also totally undervalued my website.

    I left out some of these important facts in my sales pitch and you NEVER want to leave out the benefits. You don't have to comment on the negatives, they can figure that part out themselves or wait until they ask at least.

    I could have made another $100 if I would had mentioned something as small as PageRank (whiich is not small)
  • Google Analytics report attached.
  • Hi, to leverage the value of the website I will outsource blog commenting on my way. I obtained PR3 in this way.
  • Quick update: Only ONE submission so far. Get down to business guys :)

    NB! As mentioned above, all submissions need to be posted as a NEW THREAD in the forum section called "Website Giveaway Submissions". Post it elsewhere (such as in this thread) and it will not count.
  • Hi Bryanon,

    Nice thread, great promotion but I won't be joining it. No, no, please don't cry :-). The reason being, other than the fact I don't likely stand a chance is: I kinda like the site. As someone with an intense interest in security, I'm not sure I'd want to let it go. Doesn't mean I can't bid on it once it goes on the block. Other than the fact you chose something too good in my mind, it's a wonderful thing.

  • Only 3 submissions so far!

    Looks like it's going to be an easy one for those who go ahead and participate :)
  • yeah, i will give a submission later tonight, good deal
  • the down site of this forum is it not very active, so to make this forum flipable, it must somehow get more active...
    and to think of not only drive traffic, find revenue, but make the forum alive, those are too many tasks...

    i feel kind of worry if i have to manage them all , so i think just watch and learn
  • submitted, good luck everyone
  • What will be the exact time the submission closes on monday? I am very much looking forward to join this competition but i won't be home this weekend :( . So if i could know the exact time the thread submission closes i would be able to participate and contribute.
  • 12.00pm UK time.
  • What makes this site worth $500+
    It has no revenue right now right?
    Has little traffic right?
    Why would it be worth so much?
  • A few more questions...
    1) Will Lossless and Brainstorm remain as moderators? If not, it would appear that a high level of technical knowledge would be required. Are there other moderators in place? Specifically who might be willing to serve from the existing user base? If Lossless stays, what's to keep him/her there if no one is getting paid?
    2) How are the "Tool Releases" intended to work? How are releases supported now and in the future? Have members been led to believe that all such tools are free?
    3) How does the marketpoint system work? Have any commitments been made to provide products or services or gifts that the site will need to pay for in the future?
    4) Why the switch from Vbulletin to MyBB. MyBB is certainly popular and appears to have a good record, but was there some problem that forced the change?
    5) Why does Alexa show traffic and ranking going down over the last three and one month periods?
    6) Analytics is only available for a 1 month period approximately. Are there Awstats or other stats available?
    7) What are the current and historical disk and bandwidth requirements for the site?
    8) Are you as the owner of the site going to be available in the future for support and consultation post purchase?
  • Alonski said:

    What makes this site worth $500+


    The person who gets the site will not only have the knowledge from KFS and this forum to write a killing Flippa copy, but will also have 3 weeks to make the site look better.

    I know for a fact that if I were to flip this site myself, I would very easily get $500+ for it - and expect the same to happen when it gets flipped by whoever gets it.

    ramurphy said:

    A few more questions...

    Good questions ramurphy! Unfortunately I'm not able to answer most, as (quite obviously) the site is not developed by me and has been in my ownership for a very short period of time. There's other information that I do have but will not give out, as one of the main points of this competition is giving you guys a challenge - more specifically having you work with imperfect information, as is the case with most websites you would buy from places such as DP.

    1) No. However I'm sure you'll find a moderator pretty easily - either someone from the existing user-base or someone from outside. There's tons of tech-kids out there who would be very willing to moderate a forum for free.

    2) No idea.

    3) No commitments have been made and the site has no liabilities. Other than that - no idea :)

    4) MyBB is free.

    5) No idea.

    6) No.

    7) Minimal. A regular shared hosting account is just fine.

    8) No. You are :)

  • 16 hours to go and 8 submissions so far!

    Everybody's still got a chance :)
  • I am intrigued by this. I hope that whoever wins this competition will do a step by step plan on this forum of what they do with the site! Can't wait to actually see the site flipped!
  • Nice one guys! Thanks for the opp and may the best app win.

    Thanks to everybody who participated!

    We've got a total of 12 submissions and Thomas and I will go through them all before the end of the day. Once we're done, the winner will be announced and all submissions will be made public. This will happen pretty soon so keep your eyes open :)

  • [align=center]Thomas and I have now gone through all twelve submissions, added our comments, voted and we're ready to announce the winner:



    And once again - many thanks to everybody who participated. I'm sure that with all the ideas that you guys posted this is going to be one hell of a flip!

    I hope you all enjoyed it as much as we did and I look forward to doing something like this again in the near future.

    But for now -

    1) Check out the submissions as I've just made them all public. http://flippingnetwork.com/forum/forumd ... php?fid=66 is the link.

    2) Stay tuned for mrstealth's thread where he will be updating us all on his progress!

    All the best,
  • And those who are interested - here's how the rest of the scores look like:

    mrstealth 9.00
    ramurphy 8.75
    Carla 8.50

    fozer0l 8.25
    NikGoodrich 7.75
    catfish 7.00
    merge 7.00
    austinjeff 6.75
    nikitalevitan 6.50
    justin 6.00
    Krayzie 5.25
    netkickstart 4.00

    I just want to quickly mention that you were ALL exceptionally good - and that includes even those who didn't score much. Quite frankly, you guys exceeded my expectations bigtime and if it was possible there would be at least 5 winners.

    Good job everybody!
  • Ha, You are too kind. Looking at my submission in respect to the others I see it was lacking hugely in a number of areas and I should have done far more research.

    Had never really thought of forums as flip opportunities before so am really glad you ran this, I learnt a lot!
  • Congrate, nice event
    Now i will look at the summition and learN
  • Darn, I didn't even place.

    I've never even SEEN Mik Goodrich post anything... damn lurkers....
  • [quote="NikGoodrich"]
    Darn, I didn't even place.

    I've never even SEEN Mik Goodrich post anything... damn lurkers....

    Haha .. took me a while to figure out what you were referring to (it's 6am over here so yeah, I've got an excuse) but - fixed.

    Apologies :)

    Oh and - just so you know Mik Goodrich ain't the only lurker who gets a lot of attention. In last few days alone I've heard stuff about Bran, Bryon and even Brendan! :P