A little bit of advice needed on costing sites
  • Hi all,

    I´ve been a member here now for quite a while but, this is my first post so please be gentle =O)

    Iv´e built three new sites that are all ranking page one in Google. They are based around the Halloween niche.

    The traffic for the keywords is pretty good

    scream mask position 9
    local 14,800 global 22.200

    guy fawkes mask position 5
    local 9,900 global 18,100

    jason voorhees mask position 8
    local 6,600 global 12,100

    As they stand they have no earnings (obviously a little early for this halloween)

    I´ve got adsense, Amazon and a range of afilliate products on all the sites so their pretty well covered as far as monetization options are concerned.

    I just wonder if you could give me an idea of what you think I could expect to get for them, as sites that have no earnings but, have a great chance to earn this Halloween ?

    Thanks in advance

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  • i'm no expert but u means how much your site value if u sell it?
    well, i think no matter what kind of site u are using, revenue is very important
    potential i think will not sold much...

    so get some revenue, as much as u can, then u can always sell with good price
  • Hi ManinWhite,

    Thank You for your input. I think you may well be right about the lack of figures. Obviously it would be better for me if I held onto them untill they had at least some track record of earnings.


  • If it were me I'd be asking myself this question:

    If I keep them OVER the Halloween period, how much will they make (based on current rankings). More often than not, with seasonal sites you'll make far more keeping it rather than flipping it now. The future value of the traffic is very much an unknown variable to everyone, and would therefore be a risk for any buyer paying a premium with a few months to Halloween.

    If you have the skills to keep it ranking well, then I would. I'm personally terrible at SEO, so I would be flipping them :)
  • Hi Thomas,

    To be honest with you I haven't done that much seo on the sites, a bit of onsite and a few backlinks I also built a linkwheel. I just hope they continue to keep their rankings for Halloween. I agree with you that future traffic is a bit of an unknown quantity. I suppose if I don't flip them I stand quiet a good chance to earn from themgiven their present rankings,