Reseller hosting: make money after your flip
  • Hi guys,

    I've been trying to figure out a way to keep making money after a website sells. This is what I came up with:

    1. Start your own hosting company with:
    It's awesome because it's free (you don't have to pay in advance, you'll just get 20% of the sales). They'll take care of everything: billing, customer support, etc

    2. Buy your cheapest package (you'll get the 20% discount) and put your website on it

    3. When selling your website on Flippa, mention it comes with X months of hosting paid for with "your-hosting-company"

    4. After the sale, just hand the buyer the login info (and change the billing address to his). No need to move the website somewhere else!

    5. A couple of months later, the buyer will have to renew the hosting. Great odds that he sticks with "your-hosting-company" (for years)

    6. Profit!

    The great thing about this is, it actually makes your life easier (as you don't have to move website from one host to another when flipping). Plus it's a great way to get sustained income with no effort at all. Especially in a few years time after you build up a customer base.

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  • Good one rob. But I already read this somewhere posted by Thomas. I think BHW or maybe KFS :D. Don't remember properly.
  • Why'd you post a third party affiliate link?
  • Good call, found it on google like this. Should be
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  • I can't help but think that if you are going to do reselling of webhosting that you would be better off using someone like hostgator or bluehost than a service like this. Having been burnt badly by choosing a bad webhost (justhost) in the past I am now exceedingly careful where I host my sites.

    After doing a quick search for reviews of this host most seemed okay but one raised a huge alarm bell in my head when it started talking about how resellerpanel had closed one of their sites for excess cpu load. Most websites on wordpress have the potential to have high cpu load which is why it is so important to use a plug in like W3 Total Cache.

    Be interested to hear more about your experience with this host as time goes by.