• Would it be a good idea to start an appraisal forum where people can put their websites up for critique BEFORE they list it on Flippa.

    I'm about to put one up and I would like some critiques. It's very hard to be non objective to yourself.


    I bought this on DP for $35. It comes with auto-posting plugin ($150 by itself) gets pretty much no traffic and generates $2 a month with Adsense.

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  • Hi

    First thing..when u buy auto blogs u need to be clear on license of auto blog plugin...if the site is using wp-robot plugin then u will not be able to sell the same without u having wp-robot developer license which cost arouns $500+. As their license terms is clear if u have developer license then u can sell blogs but buyer cannot re-sell it with the plugin

    my .002 cents :)
  • Yeah I learned about that AFTER I purchased it, hindsight 20/20 and all. There won't be a problem though as I'm replacing it with an opensource version.
  • I think an appraisal forum would be a great idea!

    What did you do to the site after buying it? It's pretty ugly, but I am told that is the point with adsense sites. Your astore has no items in it. From experience I get very few to no sales from astores. I get far more with actual posts referring an Amazon product.

    You might consider using a plug in called WP-Policies which adds in all those disclaimer type things that google likes to the bottom of the page, which stops you having to have things like a privacy policy on the top page.
  • You find my site is ugly? I thought it was pretty spiffy looking. Then again, as you said, you don't want a site that draws people in, I think a good bounce rate is actually preferable as you want them to use a adsense link to go to their next page rather than have them spend time on your site not clicking links.

    To answer your question all I did was switch out adsense links and do some off site promotion.

    I'm not very good at fixing up websites design wise, although I am quite good at getting traffic/monetizing them.