Follow Me As I Flip
  • Hello Everyone,

    I just wanted to introduce myself and invite you to follow along as I flip

    I feel very fortunate to have this opportunity, and am hoping
    all of you can benifit from this process as well by learning a thing or two.

    I have a lot to do, in a short amount of time, with a limited budget so this
    is going to be interesting for all of us to watch unfold (including myself).

    Having said that - I NEED HELP! Since time is limited for this project I will be outsourcing a few tasks. Keep in mind though that I do have a limited budget.

    My immidiate goal is to get traffic flowing to the site ASAP, and to breath life back into the forum. As you know, buyers of sites are looking for 2 things: Income and Traffic, so those are my over-riding goals.

    Areas I could use help with and looking to outsource. If you can help me in the following areas please PM me. If I do not hear back in the next 24 hours I will be posting the task(s) on and/or other site :

    #1 - Appearance Of the Site - if there is anyone who is familiar with myBB and have some specific enhancements to the visual appeal of the site please let me know asap.

    #2 - MODERATORS - If anyone here would like to serve as a moderator on the forum please let me know asap.

    #3 - Forum Participation - I would sure appreciate all of you registering and posting at the forum. I want to breath new life into this forum so every little bit will help.

    #4 - Other traffic generation - if there is anyone who has skills in immidiate traffic generation PM with your proposal(s).

    Well, I have to run, so that will have to be it for now. Thanks in advance for your help with this project and hope to talk to you soon.

    PS I want to thank Bryan & Thomas for giving me this opportunity.

    PPS - I live in the central US Time zone (GMT -5) so please keep that in mind when communicating
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  • Have stickied this thread so everyone can follow more easily :)

    Good luck!
  • Hey MrStealth

    If you need visitors up I can get you quite a bit for practically nothing, they're targeted, too, no junk traffic. The only thing is you would have to design the banners or outsource it.
  • OK, quick update.

    Twitter account - secwormdotnet

    Facebook fan page - ... 081?v=wall

    Please friend and follow me! recommend to all of your friends - appreciate it.
  • Im too busy to help u, but just join the fan page
  • Quick Update - 2 days in:

    OK everyone - the last 2 days have been like a whirlwind for me. My main business already takes up virtually all of my time, so to have this task thrown on top of it (along with the kids going back to school this week) has really made this interesting.

    I have been busy trying to familiarize myself with the actual site, and figure out how best to proceed. Since I do not have the time to do much of the work that is going to be required, today I am going to post some tasks for outsourcing - the first job is for getting the appearance of the site improved and some general maintenance of the site. The second tasks are to get some traffic flowing.

    So, with that in mind - here is my thought process and some tips:

    #1 - Since my budget is limited I cannot afford to have an out-sourcer "rip me off" so I am going to be sure to protect myself from that AND

    #2 - I need everything done ASAP

    The tasks I am requiring are very simple so I am going to set a super-super-small budget for this and see if it works.

    I have to run but I will try and post an update tomorrow.
  • So how is the process?
  • Well - Go take a look at the site and see if you see any changes ?

    I apologize for the lack of updates, but have been very busy - forgot this was a holiday weekend.

    I will try and get a more formal post up later tonight or tomorrow.

    Hard to believe it has been 1 week today since I took over, but as I said, I have been extremely busy.

    I will talk soon.
  • OK - I promised an update so here it is.

    It has been 1 week since taking over the site and I have been extremely busy (and throw in a 3 day US Holiday Weekend).

    The week was spent familiarizing myself with the site, slightly changing the appearance of the site, and adding a small adsense block to the site in each of the posts.

    As always hiring an outsourcer does take a little time and I wasted 2 days initially with 1 guy communicating back and forth that turned out to be a bust. In the end I actually found 2 people that do mybb work, and at a really good price. TOTAL COST: $10

    I think the site looks a whole lot better now and they also checked to make sure everything else was working as it should.

    Moving Forward

    TRAFFIC - This is my goal for this week. Hard to just create "instant" traffic so it is going to be a challenge.

    LINK SALES - Since the site has a PR 2 there is some link benefit to the site. I am not going to create a "link farm" but have something else in mind that will be mutually beneficial to both me and the linking site. Also, if it can bring in even a few bucks in income it will help the overall package. If any of you are looking for a backlink please pm me.

    BANNER SALE - I am planning on putting a small banner on the home page and sell that on a monthly basis for now. Won't be able to get much right now, but if the page views increase dramatically it can be sold for more. If any of you are looking for a Banner Placement please pm me, I am thinking of selling it for the next 30 days for $10 US.

    MAILING TO EXISTING MEMBERS - Right now there are around 1,500 registered members in the forum. I want to do a mailing to them this week if possible, but have not figured out exactly how I am going to handle it.

    MARKETPLACE - The forum had a marketplace section but it was disabled by the moderator at the time due to a potential security loophole. I am going to try and find out a little bit more about that and see if it can be opened up again. Even if it cannot generate income (be monitized) the marketplace can generate a lot of activity in a forum.

    Finally - In my mind I am already beginning to outline my auction sales page. I will be starting that in a few days and write down ideas as they come to me so I have them when the time comes to actually sell the site. But more on that later.

    OK, that is all I have for now, talk to you all soon.
  • It might be worth visiting where some people are offering 1000 followers to your fanpage for $5. Think I am going to do that for some of mine!
  • How's it going mrstealth? haven't heard from you for a while..
  • Hmmm.. I have been using some of the recommendations in the submissions to improve my first forum. Has to be said though that I am getting really attached to it! I may end up keeping it! Good luck with it all. Incidentally I bought my 1000 followers on Facebook for a fiverrr and am now up to just over 1600!
  • Hey Everyone -

    I really have not had the time to accomplish much since my last update. All of the traffic generation services I have been pursuing have not panned out the way I had hoped. Going to have to do a small push here today and over the weekend to try and make something happen.

    I am not trying to make excuses, however, This has come at the worst possible time for me as I have so many things going on at the moment and I had recently made a promise to myself to concentrate on 1 thing at a time. Going in too many different directions and not accomplishing what I set out too.

    So - I will hopefully post monday or so a rough outline of my flippa auction text for your "critique". And hopefully list the site for sale sometime next week.

    Take Care.
  • You might try I also hired some posters from Digital Point to make some postings. That might help. Have you messaged all the existing members? I would definitely offer them a competition. First person to create 50 new posts gets a prize sort of thing.
  • [quote="justin"]
    Has to be said though that I am getting really attached to it! I may end up keeping it!

    :D the same goes for me *lol*
  • Hey Everyone - 3 week anniversary - finally free'd up some time to devote to getting this thing promoted a little.

    I am going to plead with Bryan and Thomas to Give me 1 more week as I will need it to get everything in order to do a little more promoting, and get the site properly listed on for sale (Unless someone on this site wants to make an offer - lol).

    Couple of quick things:

    1) Finally getting a few adsense clicks. In fact, had a $2.26 click 2 days ago. Most clicks only pay in the .05 to .25 cent range.

    2) Have joined (thanks Justin) and it is an incredible resource. I highly recommend you take a look around that site whether you own a forum or not. There are some good discussions over there on monitizing a website, and other good discussions on a variety of subjects.

    That's it for the moment.

  • OK Guys & Gals - the site has been listed on Please take a look and let me know what you think.

    The auction can be found here:

    It's a 5 day auction starting at $1. I started the BIN a little high, but want to test the waters and see what happens.

    Talk to you soon
  • [quote="mrstealth"]
    OK Guys & Gals - the site has been listed on Please take a look and let me know what you think.

    The auction can be found here:

    It's a 5 day auction starting at $1. I started the BIN a little high, but want to test the waters and see what happens.

    Talk to you soon

    I'm really curious what will happen here although I do have much less users in my forum (which I plan to sell sometime as well). One thing I have noticed is that at the end of the auction you mention:

    Daily Uniques - 2,600+
    Page Views - 8,500+

    Shouldn't that be the monthly figures?
  • Hi Inservo,

    Thanks, you are correct - I will have to get that updated.
  • OK - so I am about 1 1/2 days into the auction and things are going about as I expected.

    I did lower the BIN price to $799 and may lower it 1 more time before the end of the auction just to see if someone will pay the BIN without having to wait until the end of the auction.

    I have 92 hits / 3 watchers and 5 bids ($110 current price). I really want to get onto the Most Active front page which right now is at least 10 bids, but not sure going into the weekend that will actually happen.

    OK, have to run but will update at some point over the weekend.
  • Great stuff! Have to say my bid was just so I could follow the auction! Hope it goes well!
  • Thanks Justin - I appreciate the kind words.

    Great stuff! Have to say my bid was just so I could follow the auction! Hope it goes well!
  • Ok - I am up to 8 bids - 1 more at this point gets me to the main "most active" page which would be really great. Sitting right at $200.
  • OK - 8 hours left on the auction. The site currently sits at $250. Late yesterday I lowered the BIN and the reserve - based on where the bidding is at now, I am fairly confident it will hit my reserve, however, I would prefer (and truly believe) the site should go for at least $350 - $400.

    We will see! Going to be an interesting evening.

    Wish me luck![hr]
    Almost forgot - I am now at 9 Bids which puts me solidly (about 3/4 of the way down) the most active page on flippa - let's hope that helps and gets me a little more exposure to get some bids coming in here.

    currently only 169 hits & 3 viewers, a little lower than I would like to see at this stage of an auction.
  • Send notification to all your bidders, tell them only 6 hrs left for them to get this site.
  • Thanks Flip - Good Advice!

    Really want to get 1 or 2 more bids here - not only to make some more money, but get a little higher on the active list and hopefully extend the auction.

    Send notification to all your bidders, tell them only 6 hrs left for them to get this site.
  • Offer them some sort of Bonus when they hit the reserve and win the auction.


    If you win this site at least for (some amount), I also will give you (Bonus).

    If you win this site at least for $350, I will give you throw 450 backlinks to this site! This will increase the site ranking in SERPs! Higher ranking = Higher traffic!

    Just think of anything (Bonus) you can give to them, and make sure that you are not at a loss stake.

    You can do this by sending a PM to bidders and/or state this message at Comments Section.

    P.s: BIN Bonus? Example: Free hosting for (some period), (Some amount) of backlinks, anything :)
  • OK - I need your help

    Well, my worst fears were realized. The auction ended without hitting my reserve. I had set the reserve at $300 and bidding only reached $250.

    The high bidder sent me a PM asking me if I am interested in selling the site for the high bid of $250 ?

    Based on the current traffic the site is getting and lack of income I am inclined to take the $250 bid as I believe that to be a fair price for the site.

    The other option is to relist the site for $9 and hope I can get a higher bid. Even if I do that I may not achieve any higher bids.

    I would like to get back to the high bidder as soon as possible, what would you guys recommend ?

  • OK - It's sold. I PM'd the high bidder and asked if he would meet my price and he did. Just waiting for him to email me his paypal address so I can invoice him.

    I will keep everyone posted.
  • Congrats on the sale!

    Quite frankly, I'm rather surprised you only got $300. And I'd have definitely suggested a relisting had I seen the thread before it was too late.

    Few questions:
    - Did you ever feature the auction on the front page? If yes then when? (right at the start / in the middle / close to the end)
    - Were you pro-active with the 9 bidders that you had? I.e. did you PM them about the reduced BIN price etc.?
    - How many views/watchers did your auction have? (just out of curiosity)

    And a few suggestions for the future:

    - Pay attention to the headlines of popular auctions. I'm 100% confident that something along the lines of "ACTIVE Forum, 2k Members, 6.4k Threads. Low Reserve" would've done a whole lot better than "Awesome Page Rank 2 - 2,000 Member Forum Growing Daily Low Reserve Good Traffic". The "rule" is to bring out as many important figures as possible in the title line. By the way, most Flippa shoppers have no idea what Page Rank is ;)

    - Whenever possible, list revenue. For you claimed no revenue even though you had in fact experimented with Adsense. Many shoppers who search flippa exclude sites that don't have any revenue but even revenue of $2 shows as revenue in the eyes of the search engine.

    - Always, always, always consider making an auction a "no reserve" one. 95% of my auctions don't have a reserve price, no matter if the site I'm selling is a $100 one or a $50k one. This really is important and you can expect to get a lot more bids/interest if your auction doesn't have a reserve price.

    Also a few compliments:
    - Great video! Videos do add a lot to auctions as it gives the whole thing a bit more personal touch.
    - The listing copy in general was good. Not too long, not too short, and all important aspects were presented.

    Anyway - all in all great job and I don't think $0 > $300 with not a lot of time invested is too bad of a result :)

  • Hi Bryan,

    Thanks for the advice. If the payment is not received today from the buyer I will tell them I am no longer interested in his deal and re-list it.

    One of the things I plan on doing in the next day or so is making a post in this thread of "what I did right" and just as important "what I did wrong" with the flip - hopefully this will help others.

    Thanks again and we will talk soon.

  • Great thread. I started to feel like I was on a roller-coaster! I learned a lot more than I thought I would simply by seeing someone go through this journey. Thanks!