Chances of selling this site for ANYTHING?
  • Check this site out:

    It just got kicked off of Google (sandboxed), which means it's pretty much useless... It's 2 months old...

    It once ranked #1 for taxidermy animals (with quotes) and #4 without quotes. Near 40,000 users searching a month.

    It also ranked #10 of Page 2 for "taxidermy sale" and #5 of Page 3 for "taxidermy supplies"...

    Since it got sandboxed and I won't have a site under my belt sitting for a fucking 1 year waiting to get re-indexed/un-sandboxed, I want to see if I can flip it for ANYTHING!

    The visitors aren't much, The webalizer(or whatever it's called) that comes with cPanel had everything messed up, some days it said I had 100 hits while Adsense didn't even cross 5 impressions...

    I had though 2 clicks, out of aprox. 15 impressions over the last week, which is good, cause this site isn't much promoted...

    Anyway, What can I do with this shit?
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  • Pretty messed up,eh? I hear that there's no such thing as google sandbox. They say keep your linkbuilding on and on and your site should come up even better in the SERP's than it was before but tell me i'm wrong!!

    Anyway if i were you and believe firmly that it has been sandboxed i would write a nice sales pitch leaving out the negatives and get the investment back atleast.
  • Well, some friends I told to check, said the site is still ranking for the keywords I said, so why the hell it doesn't show to me and why the hell I am getting no traffic out of it? People suddenly stopped searching for this?
  • If you are so anxious about it then i would recommend you to sell it before the site looses too much of it's value and becomes good for nothing.[hr]
    Maybe you would be interested in seeing this. :)
  • It's also ranking #4 without quotes (that is how people search things)...

    but why in hell would I be the only one seeing it?

    I'm making no money whatsoever over this, perhaps the rankings could help me selling it for a decent amount of money?

    How much you think this site could end up being sold for?
  • I'm with foz, I'd keep it and continue backlinking.
    BTW it shows up at number 5 for me for taxidermy animals.
  • [quote="BillyPilgrim"]
    I'm with foz, I'd keep it and continue backlinking.
    BTW it shows up at number 5 for me for taxidermy animals.

    It's bouncing #4-#5 for a couple days now...
  • Yeah,

    It's fine where I am, sometimes it helps to try a different IP when searching for things, not sure why it does that.
  • Yeah, you're showing up fine. It's just the google dance my friend. Keep working on it.
  • Yes, your site is fine - as to the "google dance" that's a whole 'nother discussion.
    When you do blackhat backlinks (not saying you did) you'll do more than a dance.

    As for the keywords, it not really a super competitive niche, and it's also the end of
    summer and many people are away :( Also, change the G-tool to "exact" and see how many people
    are really searching that phrase.

    Site is nice....maybe wait for hunting season to sell it.

    Also, you might want to submit some articles for Hunting Season!
  • When I did a google keyword search for taxidermy animals it was only showing 1000 searches a month taxidermy sale is getting 6600.

    Most of the posts on the front page of the site seem to have nothing to do with taxidermy, which may well have something to do with the lack of income.

    Anyway I'll offer you $20 for it, so you can at least sell the site for something!