First Auction, Established Site, Please Critique
  • Just listed my first auction on Flippa. It is one of my old websites that I have not been able to work on. I would like some critiques of the copy. Everything is game and I can take the abuse. It is listed here: ... eMail-List
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  • Why don't you just offer it to the people who previously asked to purchase?

  • Good question. Negotiations never went very far since I really was not interested in selling and I know longer have their information. Wish I did though.
  • By looking at it i see that you are asking too much for that site which has little traffic and no proven revenue. If i were you i would reduce the BIN and sell it. I may be wrong but i wouldn't buy that site for more than $600.
  • To me its looks perfect- website and copy. Other than revenue figures rest of stats are good for big amount sale. May be u might want to hire Thomas and Bryan for flipping :)
  • I suspect you would have far more luck getting the money the site is undoubtedly worth if you had some revenue. It may well be worthwhile getting some of the site sponsors you think you can get on board and also showing the income from your email blasts. Anyway looks interesting and I look forward to seeing what happens with it!
  • Yeah, I appreciate all your comments. I know the revenue is going to be the problem factor, but if someone is in the business it will be a goldmine for them. I have tried adding phone numbers in the past and the calls consistently come in. I also ran a campaign for a friend of mine that owns a credit repair company in Texas and he sold three $699 packages in 5 days.

    If it does not sell, I will do some SEO and find some sponsors as suggested. Although doing all that work, I will probably just take the monthly income ;)

    Thanks again for the reviews.
  • It may well be worthwhile finding some of the leaders in the niche and pointing them in the direction of your site sale.
  • Yeah, seems to me you'd be better off getting it back to previous levels. Clearly has a ton of potential and you already know how to monetize it. Might be a good idea to push it hard for a month, fully monetized and see how much you make. Then you can list it and show how much it makes *today* not 3 years ago :)