My auction + Introduction
  • Let me introduce myself first.
    My name is Mark (BHWuser Maruk), I am Dutch and until recently a sergeant in the Dutch army.
    I started developing a healthy interest in IM since a year ago but really acted upon since a couple weeks ago.

    I put my financial autoblog up for auction to raise startup funds to get in the flipping business. I hope to net $300 and buy maybe 2 website with it only to flip them again pretty fast.
    I'll do these quick flips to get a feeling for the business and from the rinse and repeat game starts.

    Do you people have comments about my listing? Please don't hold back, I can take it:

    Thanks and regards,
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  • Your title claims $30/month yet your financials show $14/month.

  • I think the financials are the site average hence the $14 whereas the $30 is for this month. I suspect that $300 is pretty reasonable for the site, especially with the amount of traffic you are getting. I expect it should sell relatively well.

    I'll follow the auction.
  • Hi Buddy,
    Justin is right, it shows an average, never tough about it when I listed.

  • Ok I have 2 bids well over the reserve price but they are from member with no history on flippa, they have linkedin etc connected though. Should I PM them for a small down payment before accepting their bid? I really can't afford a mistake this time.

  • congrats :)

    u got more than what u were looking ...
  • Congrats for the $410!
  • Thanks guys, I am not sure if I can celebrate this one yet though, I haven't got a word of life from the buyer yet. He made a down payment of $20,- to accept the bid though. We'll see how this one goes.

  • How did it go, Maruk?

    Speaking from experience, if a bidder has made a deposit (the amount doesn't even matter), they are VERY unlikely to not go through with the sale. Based on this I'm assuming everything ended nicely.
  • I just got an email this morning saying: "Hi, I want to pay with paypal", that's it.
    I'll let him pay, transfer the details and send him a cd.

    Thanks for asking!