• I'm currently writing an ebook on profiting off of Craigslist.

    I plan to sell it for about $79 dollars, $35, and $19 (each time the person decides they don't want it at that price I drop it).

    Does anyone have any experience in working with these type of sales pages, especially with recruiting affiliates?

    My plan is to make profit off of the site, construct similar sites and sell them for pretty cheap ($150) to other affiliates, or if the affiliates want to make their own site just sign them up.

    I don't want ClickBank getting any money from this though, there's no need for them to make anything off of it.
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  • Hmm, I have a hatred of sites that keep dropping the price.

    I think one of the best ways to get affiliates is to find similar products that are being sold and approach affiliates for those products. Also I might be tempted to do a limited time WSO and then get the buyers of the product to become affiliates.

    Im not sure but I think it might be a mistake to discount ClickBank. It confers an element of respectability and also the marketplace means that it will help you find affiliates. You could also look at paydotcom which I think is cheaper than Clickbank.

    Good luck with it all... Sounds Exciting!
  • I know in the end I'll get more people with Clickbank, but I can't stand waiting an entire month for money that is mine. Also, always cut out the middle man, especially if he doesn't do anything.