First shot - First $ flipping
  • Hi,

    My first sell on Flippa:

    I sold it for 499$, i got today the money ;)
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  • Congratulations. Although I think I would be pretty miffed if I only got $500 for a site that was bringing in $200 in revenue each month!

    Did you start the site from scratch?
  • Yes... Unique design, made by me. (quickly lol).

    Hum..200/month but you need to work HARD. ;)
  • Congratulations on selling your site. But I would agree with Justin. I think you could of gotten a lot more. You had a really good domain there that domain was probably worth $500 or more. You had a celebrity well not really a celebrity but decently known domain even though it doesn't get that much search but you could of rank number 1 for Rouass Laila which get about 18000 searches per month and rank all the smaller niche. Plus you was earning $200 per month which is pretty decent. I think you should of hold it a bit long and see what happen and sell it when the domain about to expired. Anyway good job on profitting on the domain and flipping it.
  • I believe there is not right or wrong answer to this here. He sold it as he wanted to sell it. Others would have kept onto it. Either is a valid answer.

    What confused me was no screenshots of earnings being claimed and nobody even asked. He sold it with out any issues.
  • Great Site - and yeah, don't fault the guy, he did a really nice job. We all need money to grow our businesses.

    THis is a tough market right now to get full value out of a site.

    I have been telling everyone this is a buyers market right now - cash $$$ is king right now especially in the sites valued between $300 - $500

    Great site - keep it up!