[REQ] Free report to promote PLR ebook site or affiliate site.
  • Could anyone give me a report on how to market a PLR ebook? I found this on the KFS book that says " I gave a free report on how to market the purchased ebook site". Having not sold a PLR ebook or done any affiliate marketing before i absolutely do not know how to promote a affiliate or ebook. Anyone with a free report?

    I brought a PLR ebook and planning to flip it this weekend.Need this info badly :(
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  • You don't flip the book, simply make the site, alter the book enough so you can call it unique, sell the book via whatever, and show the proffits from the site and then flip the site.

    I'm doing this right now with another member here on the forum, we'll let you know how it goes.
  • Thanks for the reply Nik but this isn't what i wanted to know. I want a free report that i can give as a bonus for those who BIN my auction so that they can start promoting it even if they don't know anything about it.
  • Oh, sure, just go to theplrstore, you can get it for like $4
  • i had that option but i posted it here since our members might have a better report or a better plan for that.Thanks and i'll let you know my progress.
  • Nik is right.

    Just go to theplrstore.com, theplrmart.com or any of the other big ones out there (there's tons - just google for it) and pick a good-looking book/package up for $2 or $4.