41 Watchers in 3 days? Is that normal?
  • Hey guys,

    Just want to know whether 41 watchers in 3 days is quite normal?
    And it is from 2 times featured. Got 9 bids and kinda quite a good amount
    of people PMing.

    Still no BIN posted.

    Thanks :)
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  • Please post the Flippa auction url so that we could have a look and let you know.
  • I'm sorry, not ready to disclose it to public for now :)

    Just want to know whether that amount is normal or not,
    and around 800+ views.
  • That's really good. Hope you are catching BIG FISH :D[hr]
    Due the Due diligence as well. You wouldn't want to end up relisting. All the best.
  • Yeah, that's high. I would *usually* expect about 15 watchers for each time I feature an auction, but that's a very un-scientific average :)
  • I made a mistake, I played catch and release, but I hope I'll learn my lessons
    from this :(
  • What happened? You sold the site right?
  • The site sold, but I made a mistake by putting down the BIN (low BIN) too early.

    After end of auction, few people contacted me asking they would have buying the
    site more than that. Sigh..
  • Care to share the auction url atleast now so that we flippers make a case study out of it and learn from it..
  • No worries, I'll write it and give it for free for you guys here, but not to expect
    this early since I'm pretty busy with some work, anyway thanks :)
  • Yep this is very good. My current 3D domain auction got 9 followers in first two hours and I considered even this absolutely fantastic. My other auctions have had between 5 and 20 total.