HELP! My Flippa Listing Not Met Reserve Price - What To Do Next?
  • Hi.

    I'd like to ask experienced Flippa website sellers.

    My listing ended with 2 bids unsold, as the bidding didnt reach reserve price. So now what to do? I know I can relist it. But is there any alternative way?

    I've read Flippa guidelines, they dont allow to discuss the website price via PM. They require to sell it only via listing and legal bidding process. Otherwise, they will close seller account.

    So should I contact the last bidder and ask if he can pay the reserve price if I relist the website? Would it be legal to ask it via PM or ...?

    Pls tell me what I should do to be successful but avoid the flippa penalty, as I'm newbie on Flippa.

    Thanks in advance
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  • Ask the last bidder for his email address and take thing from there.